Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood

How I wore a pink dress at the museum

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin - Kittenhood

Shabby Apple dress + Bianco shoes 

These columns are rarely to be seen without fashion bloggers or brides being photographed. Truth be told, they’re a great place to take photos – the monotonous repetition, the tunnel perspective that’s still full of light, and, of course, the romantic look of it all. Today, I joined the ranks, just on the other side from all the other people. I have to say, my boyfriend is master of making places appear deserted in photos. Right next to this is the Alte Nationalgalerie, an art museum showcasing romantic and impressionist artists. We’re on a mission to visit and re-visit all the state-owned museums in Berlin (and the other ones, too, but that’s a different story) since getting yearly museum cards at the beginning of 2016. So far we haven’t done a very good job, but things are looking up! 

 Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood Pink dress & tights - Kittenhood Pink dress - Kittenhood Girl at the museum - Kittenhood Pink dress at the museum - Kittenhood


Pepa Loves Dress | Kittenhood

How I wore mustard & pink

Mustard & blue | Kittenhood

Pepa Loves dress + Uniqlo turtleneck + H&M tights + flea market shoes 

I love it when I tag an outfit post “spring” for the very first time in a year. It means it’s suddenly bearable to take pictures without a coat and boy, do I look forward to exploring Berlin when it’s not freezing. So this is the first official spring post of 2016! Soft pink with hot mustard is definitely my favorite color combination at the moment. In addition to wearing it, I’ve also bought acrylic paint AND wool in these colors, so get ready to be flooded with girly hues in the upcoming posts. 

As for the beautiful background, it’s actually the entrance to a metro station in the North-West area of Berlin (Siemensdamm). I spotted it on Instagram and found out it was designed as a “multi-purpose facility”, i.e. doubling as a fallout shelter. I was intrigued, so we took advantage of the sunny weather to bike there and see what it looks like. There’s also a nice big park nearby (Jungfernheide), so I’d say it was worth the ride. 

Mustard outfit | kittenhood Siemensdamm Berlin | Kittenhood Pepa Loves Dress | Kittenhood

Asos Raincoat - Kittenhood


Asos Raincoat - Kittenhood

Zaful dress (c/o) + Asos raincoat + Primark tights + flea market shoes

I received this burgundy shirt dress from Zaful just before heading to Paris for the weekend, so I decided to take it with me and show it the world. And then I remembered all the reasons why I love shirt dresses (and can’t get enough of them). They look demure and pretty on their own, but then you can change them up entirely by just adding a sweater or cardigan on top. This one has a particularly lovely color and it’s a good length for me. I ordered the XS, which fits just right at the waist and chest. The chiffon fabric can be worn casually (say, with a raincoat and flats, while strolling in Paris), but also slightly more elegant (with some jewelry and heels). The one thing I don’t like about this dress is the back cutout, which doesn’t make that much sense to me. Still, I can live with it. 

More details and pictures from my Paris visit, coming tomorrow! 

Burgundy Dress in Paris - Kittenhood Rainy Paris - Kittenhood Zaful Dress - Kittenhood Red raincoat - Kittenhood

Floral Dress & Trees in Bloom - Kittenhood


Flaunt dress - Kittenhood

Flaunt dress + H&M tights + Bait Footwear shoes 

Isn’t this really the most wonderful time of the year? Forget Christmas and forget vacations at the beach. Forget everything: there are scented petals falling from the sky! (and sorry if you’re allergic to pollen, really!) This cherry orchard is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the city, and walking through it was absolutely dreamy. This was one of those photo shoots when I knew where I was going (that so rarely happens) and knew what I wanted to wear (almost equally rare). Florals for spring, groundbreaking! But truth be told, I turn to this dress spring after spring, I guess one could call it perfect for the occasion. 

Cherry Trees in Blossom - Kittenhood Floral dress - Kittenhood Floral Dress & Trees in Bloom - Kittenhood Cherry Trees - Kittenhood Cherry blossom girl - KittenhoodFlorals in spring - Kittenhood

Bianco Shoes - Kittenhood


 Style Stalker Skirt - Kittenhood

Second-hand top + Style Stalker skirt + Reserved tights + Bianco shoes + Asos raincoat 

I don’t know what happened, but it’s been ages since my last outfit post! Ok, maybe it was just over two weeks, but in blogger time, that’s half a lifetime! As you can imagine, I don’t always have the time, disposition or conditions to take outfit pictures. I know some professional bloggers choose to shoot more outfits on the same day to save time, but I think that may be a little artificial. After all, personal style blogging is supposed to be about things you actually wear, as opposed to magazine editorials where it’s all about styling. But the blogging world has changed a lot lately, and many blogs have evolved into magazines or businesses, where that makes more sense. I’m curious about your outfit post process if you have a blog. When and how do you take pictures? Are you the scheduling type or do you blog spontaneously? 

  Pink Top Gray Skirt - Kittenhood Spring Outfit - Kittenhood Red Asos Raincoat - Kittenhood Bianco Shoes - Kittenhood

Pink Outfit Cluj - Kittenhood


Pink Outfit Cluj - Kittenhood

Sheinside dress + random tights + COS heels 

It’s finally time for those easy, three-pieces outfits that I love so much: dress, tights, shoes. Hello, spring! The trees may not be in bloom yet, but my dress surely is. I love this pink, busy print dress because it doesn’t need any accessories to shine. There’s plenty of volume and plenty of color to last a lifetime. And don’t even get me started on the shoes! Ok, get me started. I found them in an outlet at the end of last year, brand new and so gorgeous. I never got the chance to wear them, so this is their first outing. But I’ve been trying them on with almost every outfit I’ve worn this year! I think they’re super elegant and retro and I hope we can be together forever. I also hope I manage not to scratch them. 

Pink Floral Dress - Kittenhood Floral Shirt Dress - Kittenhood Floral Dress - Kittenhood

How I wore straight jeans & heeled oxfords | Kittenhood


 How I wore straight jeans & heeled oxfords | Kittenhood

Only Blazer + Divided t-shirt + Samsoe & Samsoe jeans + Luise Lotte clutch + H&M socks + BBup shoes 

This weekend we launched the second edition of #kittenhoodstyle, and this month’s inspiration picture is of Leandra Medine. While I’m a big fan of her style, I never try to recreate it, because we’re not even close to having the same structure. She’s tall and skinny, and layers work on her body no matter what. That is not my case. But! For the sake of the challenge, I’ve channeled by inner man repeller, pairing rolled up straight jeans with heeled oxfords. I don’t have a boyfriend blazer, but this one seemed close enough. My favorite detail is the sock print – I got a great 3 pack at H&M recently and have been wearing them a lot. So much that I’ve come to wish all my socks had food printed on them. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how you recreate Leandra’s look – don’t forget to tag your pictures #kittenhoodstyle as you share them! 

#kittenhoodstyle fashion challenge (March)Jeans & blazer outfit | KittenhoodLuise Lotte clutch | KittenhoodBlazer & Jeans | Kittenhood

Blue outfit | Kittenhood


Floral dress over turtleneck | Kittenhood

Tezenis turtleneck | Rosewe dress | New Look tights | handmade necklace (Fragmented Splendour) 

This dress has been on hold for too long. Last time I wore it, I was in Portugal, it was summer, and my niece was getting baptized. I was rocking bare legs and textile heels, and worrying about nothing but tan lines. That feels like ages ago! So I decided to act like it’s spring even if we’re not quite there yet, and I took this floral number out. What I didn’t realize before was that I could totally layer it. While sleeveless dresses look great over button downs, I think short sleeves work better with turtlenecks. So there you have it: another case saved by the infamous turtleneck. It was warm enough to take out my favorite shoes, these block heel loafers I bought years ago from a store I don’t usually shop in. It feels so good to be out of those ankle boots for once – I just hope the warmer, dry weather lasts! 

Blue floral dress | Kittenhood Blue floral dress | Kittenhood Dress & turtleneck | Kittenhood Floral dress | Kittenhood Blue outfit | Kittenhood