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What I wore to a pretty important party

Natural flowers crown | Kittenhood

Dear Creatures dress + Tallulah Fontaine Pin + Jelly Sandals 

I’ve been quieter than ever on the blog, but believe me, I had a pretty important reason. I got married! We had a small civil ceremony in Cluj, followed by a casual party in a garden. The whole thing was planned just one week in advance, but it turned out really lovely. This is what I wore to the party – a Dear Creatures dress I’ve had for years and my comfortable jelly sandals. With rocks on the ground, hammocks to hang out in, and a few levels of the garden connected with steps, this outfit has been a good choice. I wanted to wait to get more pictures before I share, but I couldn’t, so here are some portraits that my friends over at Tree Arcade took. 

Dear Creatures Dress & Crown | Kittenhood Floral crown | Kittenhood Dear Creatures dress | Kittenhood

Pepa Loves Blue Dress - Kittenhood

How I wore a blue embroidered dress

Straw hat - Kittenhood

Wearing: Pepaloves dress (c/o) | Sun Jellies sandals | borrowed hat 

Have you seen Magic in the Moonlight? I didn’t really like the movie, but it must have subconsciously stuck with me. As I saw myself in a shop window wearing this outfit, I realized it was very much the style of Emma Stone in that particular movie. I wish I had a luscious garden to photograph it with – I did spot the perfect place for that, but it was off-limits and fenced up. I went to a lot of silly places for outfit pictures over the years, but big fences are where I draw the line. So the cityscape of Zalau will have to do for now. 

This super-comfortable dress is from Pepa Loves, the lovely Spanish brand I’ve admired for years. It’s lightweight and casual, but the embroidery on the skirt makes it unique. I can picture it with a pair of heels and a belt for a completely different look, although I can’t say I don’t adore this vacation-worthy combination either! Do you have any other ideas for styling this dress? I’d love to read them in the comments! 

Pepa Loves dress - Kittenhood Pepa Loves Blue Dress - Kittenhood Jelly sandals - Kittenhood Blue outfit - Kittenhood Blue dress & hat - Kittenhood


Pink Dress & Flowers | Kittenhood

How I wore fuchsia & red in hydrangeas

Pink Dress & Flowers | Kittenhood

Kling dress + Maguba sandals + flea market pin

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen this spot before. The story is that I’ve passed by this apartment building all winter long while going to work. I liked it, but never stopped to take a picture, because it looked just a little too empty. And then summer came. The turquoise window frames were suddenly perfectly complemented by bushes of perfect pink hydrangeas. It’s impressive how different the same place can look in various seasons! And I have to say, I do love the German way of gardening and landscape design. 

Moving on to my outfit, I’ve been waiting a long time to wear this dress! I got it in winter on sale (and it came in a pizza box, seriously?), and I haven’t found the right way to layer it, so I simply kept it in my closet, waiting for warmer times. I just love the neckline, the flowy skirt, and the atypical hot color. The sandals are another item I’ve been keeping in my closet for a long time, due to weather reasons. They’re my first pair of Swedish clogs, from Maguba. I wanted some so badly, and it feels rather nice to finally be able to walk on wooden soles!

Pink Outfit & Flowers | Kittenhood Fuchsia Kling Dress - Kittenhood Pink Hydrangeas | Kittenhood Kling Dress & Pink Hydrangeas | Kittenhood

Miffy pin - Kittenhood

What I wore on my birthday

Blue & yellow dress - Kittenhood
Tiralahilacha dress (c/o) + Saltwater sandals + Miffy pin 

It was my birthday yesterday, and I was very pleased to be able to take the day off, go outside and play. First on my list was a cafe/restaurant in a bus (Pförtner Cafe), which turned out to be just as lovely as the reviews mentioned. While they did have a few options for sitting, the bus part was completely empty, to my delight. I took pictures, had a nice meal with my boyfriend, and enjoyed reading birthday wishes on Facebook. 

My adorable birthday dress arrived in the mail right the day before, so I was very excited to wear it. It’s the sweetest thing you could ask for, in the perfect color combination, triangles print, and just enough lace at the bust. But it’s not just a pretty design! Tiralahilacha makes clothes from 100% organic cotton, using eco-friendly dyes and following fair working conditions. I’m pretty used to sustainable brands lacking in design, and Tiralahilacha is the absolute opposite! I recommend that you read more about how they make all of this possible, and check out their gorgeous summer collection, too. As for me, I can’t wait to take this dress with me on every vacation, ever. 

Miffy pin - Kittenhood Tiralahilacha dress - Kittenhood Pfoentner Cafe Berlin - Kittenhood Blue & yellow - Kittenhood

Mustard on mustard | Kittenhood

How I wore a mustard overdose

Mustard Simson Scooter - Kittenhood

Dear Creatures dress + Rodier cardigan + DIY pizza shoes 

Lately, my outfit posts have become less intentional. Like when we were walking down the street, me wearing a mustard dress and cardigan, and we ran across not one, but TWO mustard Simson scooters. Pictures were a must. These scooters were made in DDR and are, unfortunately, no longer in production. I thought Vespas were cool, but boy, I love Simsons even more. I’m even flirting with the idea of getting one for myself (or, you know, getting one as a gift), in which case mustard would be the obvious choice. Meanwhile, I’ll have to stick with awkward posing while twinning with vehicles, and asking the usual question: who wore it best? 

P.S. Here’s my first encounter with a twin Simson, just after moving to Berlin. 

Dear Creatures dress | Kittenhood Mustard Dress & Mustard Scooter | Kittenhood Mustard on mustard | Kittenhood

Striped Dress | Kittenhood

How I wore stripes & jelly sandals

Girl in Greenery | Kittenhood

Dear Creatures dress + Uniqlo sunglasses + Meduse jelly sandals 

One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that moving to Berlin means a lot of paperwork. Also, not speaking German can make you feel quite uncomfortable. Mix the two, and you’ll get a basket full of frustration and emotions. Any papers from your home country you will have to get from that country’s embassy. But this is where the good part comes in: most embassies are near Tiergarten, the wonderful, enormous park in the middle of the city. So, in between two appointments, you can stuff your face in the bushes, breathe in all the lilac scents, and listen to the tunes that birds aren’t ashamed to sing publicly. After all, it’s probably gonna be ok anyway. 

Dear Creatures striped dress | Kittenhood Stripes & Jelly Sandals | Kittenhood Striped Dress | Kittenhood

Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood

How I wore a pink dress at the museum

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin - Kittenhood

Shabby Apple dress + Bianco shoes 

These columns are rarely to be seen without fashion bloggers or brides being photographed. Truth be told, they’re a great place to take photos – the monotonous repetition, the tunnel perspective that’s still full of light, and, of course, the romantic look of it all. Today, I joined the ranks, just on the other side from all the other people. I have to say, my boyfriend is master of making places appear deserted in photos. Right next to this is the Alte Nationalgalerie, an art museum showcasing romantic and impressionist artists. We’re on a mission to visit and re-visit all the state-owned museums in Berlin (and the other ones, too, but that’s a different story) since getting yearly museum cards at the beginning of 2016. So far we haven’t done a very good job, but things are looking up! 

 Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood Pink dress & tights - Kittenhood Pink dress - Kittenhood Girl at the museum - Kittenhood Pink dress at the museum - Kittenhood