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How I wore a mustard overdose

Mustard Simson Scooter - Kittenhood

Dear Creatures dress + Rodier cardigan + DIY pizza shoes 

Lately, my outfit posts have become less intentional. Like when we were walking down the street, me wearing a mustard dress and cardigan, and we ran across not one, but TWO mustard Simson scooters. Pictures were a must. These scooters were made in DDR and are, unfortunately, no longer in production. I thought Vespas were cool, but boy, I love Simsons even more. I’m even flirting with the idea of getting one for myself (or, you know, getting one as a gift), in which case mustard would be the obvious choice. Meanwhile, I’ll have to stick with awkward posing while twinning with vehicles, and asking the usual question: who wore it best? 

P.S. Here’s my first encounter with a twin Simson, just after moving to Berlin. 

Dear Creatures dress | Kittenhood Mustard Dress & Mustard Scooter | Kittenhood Mustard on mustard | Kittenhood

Striped Dress | Kittenhood

How I wore stripes & jelly sandals

Girl in Greenery | Kittenhood

Dear Creatures dress + Uniqlo sunglasses + Meduse jelly sandals 

One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that moving to Berlin means a lot of paperwork. Also, not speaking German can make you feel quite uncomfortable. Mix the two, and you’ll get a basket full of frustration and emotions. Any papers from your home country you will have to get from that country’s embassy. But this is where the good part comes in: most embassies are near Tiergarten, the wonderful, enormous park in the middle of the city. So, in between two appointments, you can stuff your face in the bushes, breathe in all the lilac scents, and listen to the tunes that birds aren’t ashamed to sing publicly. After all, it’s probably gonna be ok anyway. 

Dear Creatures striped dress | Kittenhood Stripes & Jelly Sandals | Kittenhood Striped Dress | Kittenhood

Blue shirt - Kittenhood

How I wore handmade at the Bauhaus Museum

Blue shirt - Kittenhood

Thrifted shirt + The Angry Weather brooch (c/o) + Hearts and Found skirt + H&M tights 

The Bauhaus Archiv museum is, so far, my favorite in Berlin. I’ve visited it for the first time in 2013 (and took outfit pictures, because the building is so beautiful) and I’m still smitten with it today. It’s a must-see if you’re in Berlin! Everything I’m wearing here is part of my “basics” (i.e. signature pieces, not basic girl clothes) – the “social media shirt“, the heeled loafers I’ve had forever, those mustard tights I can’t get enough of. And, of course, some new things that I just know I’ll wear a lot. The skirt is part of a twin set I’ve had custom-made from Hearts and Found, in the prettiest fox print. I can’t wait to wear it all summer, it’s pure cuteness. As for the tulip brooch, it was an instant favorite! It’s entirely handmade by The Angry Weather from Canada. I love that it goes with a casual outfit like this one, but since it’s so elegant and delicate, it could just as well complement a fancy outfit. The timeless design makes me think it could  become a family heirloom one day. Watch out – it’s part of a new collection that launches May 9th on Etsy! 

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin - Kittenhood Blue shirt - Kittenhood Hearts and Found skirt - Kittenhood Twisted hairstyle - KIttenhood The Angry Weather brooch - Kittenhood

Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood

How I wore a pink dress at the museum

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin - Kittenhood

Shabby Apple dress + Bianco shoes 

These columns are rarely to be seen without fashion bloggers or brides being photographed. Truth be told, they’re a great place to take photos – the monotonous repetition, the tunnel perspective that’s still full of light, and, of course, the romantic look of it all. Today, I joined the ranks, just on the other side from all the other people. I have to say, my boyfriend is master of making places appear deserted in photos. Right next to this is the Alte Nationalgalerie, an art museum showcasing romantic and impressionist artists. We’re on a mission to visit and re-visit all the state-owned museums in Berlin (and the other ones, too, but that’s a different story) since getting yearly museum cards at the beginning of 2016. So far we haven’t done a very good job, but things are looking up! 

 Shabby Apple dress - Kittenhood Pink dress & tights - Kittenhood Pink dress - Kittenhood Girl at the museum - Kittenhood Pink dress at the museum - Kittenhood


Pepa Loves Dress | Kittenhood

How I wore mustard & pink

Mustard & blue | Kittenhood

Pepa Loves dress + Uniqlo turtleneck + H&M tights + flea market shoes 

I love it when I tag an outfit post “spring” for the very first time in a year. It means it’s suddenly bearable to take pictures without a coat and boy, do I look forward to exploring Berlin when it’s not freezing. So this is the first official spring post of 2016! Soft pink with hot mustard is definitely my favorite color combination at the moment. In addition to wearing it, I’ve also bought acrylic paint AND wool in these colors, so get ready to be flooded with girly hues in the upcoming posts. 

As for the beautiful background, it’s actually the entrance to a metro station in the North-West area of Berlin (Siemensdamm). I spotted it on Instagram and found out it was designed as a “multi-purpose facility”, i.e. doubling as a fallout shelter. I was intrigued, so we took advantage of the sunny weather to bike there and see what it looks like. There’s also a nice big park nearby (Jungfernheide), so I’d say it was worth the ride. 

Mustard outfit | kittenhood Siemensdamm Berlin | Kittenhood Pepa Loves Dress | Kittenhood

Blue dress - Kittenhood

How I wore blue & red à la Steve Zissou

Blue dress - Kittenhood

Sheinside dress + Urban Outfitters beanie + clothes swap shirt + H&M tights + flea market shoes 

This dress almost always inspires me to recreate the color palette in Steve Zissou’s crew (see also). There were no submarines available, so it only felt natural to take photos in this beautiful diner. I’m not really a fan of the food there, but the place looks absolutely amazing. The Berlin Pavillion was built in the late 50s as an exhibition space, and when the chain fast food restaurant took over about 10 years ago, they kept most of the building intact, adding retro diner-style furniture and decorations. Like probably any person who’s never been to the US, I have a secret fascination for old school diners on the side of the freeway, with all the waffles and mega fries and extra sauce. What’s that really like, dear American readers? Bust the myth in the comments, if you want! Meanwhile, I’ll hang on to this pretend version. 

P.S. If you have a sudden urge for a Wes Anderson movie night, check out some thematic printable popcorn bags here

Steve Zissou outfit - Kittenhood American diner - Kittenhood Diner window - Kittenhood Red blue outfit - Kittenhood

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood

How I wore KAUN slippers

Outfit at home - Kittenhood

Handmade sweater + Light After Dark jeans + KAUN slippers (c/o)

Slippers are the probably most underrated footwear, and it makes little to no sense! We tend to invest in fancy stilettos that we maybe wear once a year, and completely neglect the only shoes we wear on a daily basis: slippers. I’m a big fan of slippers myself because I’ve spent years working from home exclusively, needing a pair of shoes that I can rely on. So you can imagine I was pretty psyched to try the newly released KAUN slippers, which are handmade in Estonia. 

The first thing that strikes is surely the design, with visible Nordic influence. The slippers came in a cool cardboard box that I consider a fun puzzle in itself. They’re minimalist, handmade from a single piece of felt, and inspired by the pavement in its different states. Not your regular source of inspiration, am I right? The model I have is called Cross, and it takes direct inspiration from pedestrian crossings. They fit generously (I got the XS size, which corresponds to an EU 37-38 while I’m more of an EU 36-37), they’re super easy to slip in and out of, and they’re a cool design piece when they lay on the floor by themselves.

I love that they’re made of natural felt! This material is one of the few that keeps warm in winter and still allows your feet to breathe in summer. I don’t know how that’s possible, just nature working its magic. One downside is that felt tends to gather dust (and the only pets I have in this apartment are dust bunnies, you guys!) – nothing you can’t easily clean with the sponge that came with the slippers. You can learn more about KAUN slippers on their official website, and you should know that their four models are currently available to buy on Amazon

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood Handmade felt slippers - Kittenhood Handmade slippers | Kittenhood Reading outfit - Kittenhood KAUN handmade slippers - Kittenhood


Park in Winter - Kittenhood

How I wore a Uniqlo x Lemaire coat

Park in Winter - Kittenhood
Uniqlo x Lemaire coat + Light Before Dark jeans + BBup boots + second-hand Pikachu backpack 

Ever since I’ve moved to Berlin, I focused most of my time on work and had the feeling I was missing out on the city experience. After all, the whole reason for moving was to be able to enjoy this amazing place! But, as it happens when you’re no longer a tourist, it’s easy to postpone this museum and that concert saying there’s time for it later. THERE ISN’T. This weekend we woke up earlier than normal, got a couple of work hours in, then spent most of our time out and about. It’s so nice to be able to disconnect (literally) every once in a while – all these years of freelancing (i.e. never being truly offline) might be starting to take their toll.

To sum up Saturday, we walked a lot around the nearby lakes, had great cake in a greenhouse cafe, petted a cat (it’s been too long, you wonderful thing called cat fur), SAW A FOX (after everyone I know already saw one in Berlin and I was feeling left out), saw Tobago Crusoe and the Kalypso Katz plus Songhoy Blues live, and exited the concert hall to fresh snow everywhere. On Sunday, we enjoyed the snow in Schloss Park, where these pictures were taken. I have to add that I’ve dreamed of this Uniqlo x Lemaire coat for months, and I’m so glad I waited: it was 80% off! I admit I didn’t necessarily need a long coat that’s not super warm at this point in my life, but I just couldn’t resist such a deal. I’m a big fan of Uniqlo and the quality of their products, and it feels fancy knowing that Lemaire collaborated on the design. 

Schloss Park Berlin - Kittenhood Uniqlo x Lemaire Coat - Kittenhood Hooded Coat - Kittenhood Pikachu Backpack - Kittenhood Dressed Like a Tree - Kittenhood

Work outfit - Kittenhood

3 work outfits + Oren Isaac glasses review

Just before graduating from college in 2008, my girlfriends and I had a big problem on our minds. It wasn’t that we’re not going to find jobs or that we were about to be thrown into real life unprepared. Our problem was having to swap our funky, colorful wardrobes for pencil skirts, stilettos, blazers and the most boring styles of office attire. We were picturing ourselves as either English teachers or corporate workers, which in our minds meant you couldn’t even wear jeans to work. The corporate, strict environment didn’t happen for any of us – we ended up getting jobs in fields that probably didn’t even exist in 2008. Bullet dodged. 

Work outfit - Kittenhood

Which brings me to today’s post and its work outfits. While I recently start my first job in an office, the dress code there is really casual. That’s why most of the time I’m wearing jeans and a combination of turtleneck, shirt and sweater. I admit to being inspired by J.Crew for this because they have a way of seamlessly pairing basics and turning them into something cool. 

Black White Work Outfit - Kittenhood

When the weather is not as gloomy as lately, I always favor dresses. This particular black and white one is impressively versatile – don’t tell anyone, but I’ve already worn it to my interview, first day of work and an office party. I love that it has long sleeves and a simple cut. The print is subtle but not necessarily boring, and it easily fits a shirt underneath. 

Working from home - Kittenhood

When I’m not working at the office, I have a whole other bunch of freelance projects requiring my attention. Sometimes I’m guilty of going from bed straight to my computer, with all its work emails (and also distractions). My uniform of choice? Pajamas. I got a couple of cozy ones at New Look last winter, and I could just wear them all day. Again, this is a secret, so don’t tell! 

Oren Isaac glasses - Kittenhood

The one common item in all these looks? My glasses. I wear them exclusively for using the computer and reading, but that takes nearly the entire day, so I’m wearing them a lot. It’s very important to me that they’re lightweight and feel comfortable. And since I tend not to be super careful with them, it’s important that they’re sturdy and good quality. So I’m more than pleased with my new glasses from Oren Isaac (c/o), a new eyewear brand with lots of potential, because they fit all my requirements. I’m wearing the James frame in Brown Crystal, which is just enough tortoiseshell to look cool and just enough transparency to be subtle. Plus they came in a really cute felt pouch that makes a really sweet detail (am I the only one who has a soft spot for felt?). 

What’s your work outfit of choice?