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How I wore KAUN slippers

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Handmade sweater + Light After Dark jeans + KAUN slippers (c/o)

Slippers are the probably most underrated footwear, and it makes little to no sense! We tend to invest in fancy stilettos that we maybe wear once a year, and completely neglect the only shoes we wear on a daily basis: slippers. I’m a big fan of slippers myself because I’ve spent years working from home exclusively, needing a pair of shoes that I can rely on. So you can imagine I was pretty psyched to try the newly released KAUN slippers, which are handmade in Estonia. 

The first thing that strikes is surely the design, with visible Nordic influence. The slippers came in a cool cardboard box that I consider a fun puzzle in itself. They’re minimalist, handmade from a single piece of felt, and inspired by the pavement in its different states. Not your regular source of inspiration, am I right? The model I have is called Cross, and it takes direct inspiration from pedestrian crossings. They fit generously (I got the XS size, which corresponds to an EU 37-38 while I’m more of an EU 36-37), they’re super easy to slip in and out of, and they’re a cool design piece when they lay on the floor by themselves.

I love that they’re made of natural felt! This material is one of the few that keeps warm in winter and still allows your feet to breathe in summer. I don’t know how that’s possible, just nature working its magic. One downside is that felt tends to gather dust (and the only pets I have in this apartment are dust bunnies, you guys!) – nothing you can’t easily clean with the sponge that came with the slippers. You can learn more about KAUN slippers on their official website, and you should know that their four models are currently available to buy on Amazon

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood Handmade felt slippers - Kittenhood Handmade slippers | Kittenhood Reading outfit - Kittenhood KAUN handmade slippers - Kittenhood


Park in Winter - Kittenhood

How I wore a Uniqlo x Lemaire coat

Park in Winter - Kittenhood
Uniqlo x Lemaire coat + Light Before Dark jeans + BBup boots + second-hand Pikachu backpack 

Ever since I’ve moved to Berlin, I focused most of my time on work and had the feeling I was missing out on the city experience. After all, the whole reason for moving was to be able to enjoy this amazing place! But, as it happens when you’re no longer a tourist, it’s easy to postpone this museum and that concert saying there’s time for it later. THERE ISN’T. This weekend we woke up earlier than normal, got a couple of work hours in, then spent most of our time out and about. It’s so nice to be able to disconnect (literally) every once in a while – all these years of freelancing (i.e. never being truly offline) might be starting to take their toll.

To sum up Saturday, we walked a lot around the nearby lakes, had great cake in a greenhouse cafe, petted a cat (it’s been too long, you wonderful thing called cat fur), SAW A FOX (after everyone I know already saw one in Berlin and I was feeling left out), saw Tobago Crusoe and the Kalypso Katz plus Songhoy Blues live, and exited the concert hall to fresh snow everywhere. On Sunday, we enjoyed the snow in Schloss Park, where these pictures were taken. I have to add that I’ve dreamed of this Uniqlo x Lemaire coat for months, and I’m so glad I waited: it was 80% off! I admit I didn’t necessarily need a long coat that’s not super warm at this point in my life, but I just couldn’t resist such a deal. I’m a big fan of Uniqlo and the quality of their products, and it feels fancy knowing that Lemaire collaborated on the design. 

Schloss Park Berlin - Kittenhood Uniqlo x Lemaire Coat - Kittenhood Hooded Coat - Kittenhood Pikachu Backpack - Kittenhood Dressed Like a Tree - Kittenhood

Work outfit - Kittenhood

3 work outfits + Oren Isaac glasses review

Just before graduating from college in 2008, my girlfriends and I had a big problem on our minds. It wasn’t that we’re not going to find jobs or that we were about to be thrown into real life unprepared. Our problem was having to swap our funky, colorful wardrobes for pencil skirts, stilettos, blazers and the most boring styles of office attire. We were picturing ourselves as either English teachers or corporate workers, which in our minds meant you couldn’t even wear jeans to work. The corporate, strict environment didn’t happen for any of us – we ended up getting jobs in fields that probably didn’t even exist in 2008. Bullet dodged. 

Work outfit - Kittenhood

Which brings me to today’s post and its work outfits. While I recently start my first job in an office, the dress code there is really casual. That’s why most of the time I’m wearing jeans and a combination of turtleneck, shirt and sweater. I admit to being inspired by J.Crew for this because they have a way of seamlessly pairing basics and turning them into something cool. 

Black White Work Outfit - Kittenhood

When the weather is not as gloomy as lately, I always favor dresses. This particular black and white one is impressively versatile – don’t tell anyone, but I’ve already worn it to my interview, first day of work and an office party. I love that it has long sleeves and a simple cut. The print is subtle but not necessarily boring, and it easily fits a shirt underneath. 

Working from home - Kittenhood

When I’m not working at the office, I have a whole other bunch of freelance projects requiring my attention. Sometimes I’m guilty of going from bed straight to my computer, with all its work emails (and also distractions). My uniform of choice? Pajamas. I got a couple of cozy ones at New Look last winter, and I could just wear them all day. Again, this is a secret, so don’t tell! 

Oren Isaac glasses - Kittenhood

The one common item in all these looks? My glasses. I wear them exclusively for using the computer and reading, but that takes nearly the entire day, so I’m wearing them a lot. It’s very important to me that they’re lightweight and feel comfortable. And since I tend not to be super careful with them, it’s important that they’re sturdy and good quality. So I’m more than pleased with my new glasses from Oren Isaac (c/o), a new eyewear brand with lots of potential, because they fit all my requirements. I’m wearing the James frame in Brown Crystal, which is just enough tortoiseshell to look cool and just enough transparency to be subtle. Plus they came in a really cute felt pouch that makes a really sweet detail (am I the only one who has a soft spot for felt?). 

What’s your work outfit of choice? 

Blue & Black Outfit - Kittenhood

2015 in outfits

Having nearly weekly pictures of myself continues to be one of the reasons I love blogging. Is that considered vain? Sometimes I go through my own archives when I don’t know what to wear, hoping past me already came up with a decent idea. Other times I get nostalgic about haircuts I no longer have, clothes I gave up and, of course, times. As I looked through my outfit pictures of 2015, the following things passed my mind:

  • I traveled so much!
  • The outfits I chose as favorites feature some of the same pieces again and again
  • I’ve started wearing heels less and less 
  • I need a haircut 
  • Where is that shirt

Before I get all teary and melancholic (what, me? never), I’ll leave you with my picks from the year’s archives, one for every month. 

January: Beanie & blazer 

Beanie, Blazer + Skirt - Kittenhood

February: Layered geometric shirt 

Black Kling Dress | Kittenhood

March: Floral shirt dress

Floral Shirt Dress - Kittenhood

April: Gray & pink mixed prints 

Bianco Shoes - Kittenhood

May: Watermelon outfit

Red + Green Outfit - Kittenhood

June: Blue tights

Blue & Black Outfit - Kittenhood

July: Jelly sandals

Sailor dress & jelly sandals - Kittenhood

August: Red & green

Stairway pose - Kittenhood

September: Blue & gray

Style Stalker skirt - Kittenhood

October: Cat print shorts

Cat Print Shorts - Kittenhood

November: Burgundy outfit

Burgundy Outfit - Kittenhood

December: Floating on the Tempodrom

Landing | Kittenhood

Asos dress | Kittenhood

Floating on the Tempodrom

Asos dress | Kittenhood

Asos dress + shirt from Japan + thrifted jacket 

I love these photos and I find it a very difficult task to write anything next to them. I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve, but the photos have nothing to do with that. I wore a dress and a shirt and shoes, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. So I’m gonna keep it short this time and hope to get away with it. 

Photos by Dacian Groza at Tempodrom Berlin

Tempodrom Berlin | Kittenhood Mustard coat | Kittenhood Landing | Kittenhood Dress with Peter Pan Collar | Kittenhood

London Retro sunglasses - Kittenhood

How I wore London Retro sunglasses (+ some Photoautomat love)

Sunglassesshop - Kittenhood

London Retro sunglasses (c/o) + TRF coat + H&M Divided scarf + Gap ankle boots 

One thing you will quickly notice in Berlin is the groups of people queueing up in front of photo booths. What’s all the fuss about? You will find these “photoautomat” all around the city, and for 2 euros you can almost instantly get your own cool 4-picture strip. The awesome part is that it’s all analog, on black and white film. You have to wait for five minutes, during which time you can actually hear the machine working, and when the pictures come out they still need a few moments to dry. You know, like the old times! You can’t control the outcome like you would in those digital photo booths, and sometimes the pictures turn out really silly. But they make wonderful souvenirs, that’s for sure! And they feel so much nicer than the regular selfie. Below you will see the photo story of a photo. My boyfriend and I were inspired by these old school women’s sunglasses I just got to explore the interesting cohabitation between the new and the old. The retro photo booth was the perfect spot for that, and I love how these pictures turned out. Taking pictures - Kittenhood Photoautomat Berlin - Kittenhood TRF coat - Kittenhood Retro photo automat - Kittenhood Instant photo strip - Kittenhood London Retro sunglasses - Kittenhood

Kittenhood ring - Kittenhood

How I wore pink & personalized jewelry

Onecklace review - Kitenhood

Uniqlo turtleneck + Onecklace necklace (c/o) + Sheinside dress + Onecklace ring (c/o) + Nike sneakers 

I am super stoked about my new jewelry from Onecklace! A couple of years ago, I got a name necklace from them, but I was a little upset I didn’t have the idea to make it a blog name necklace. When they contacted me again a few weeks ago, I immediately went for a Kittenhood ring. And it’s awesome! I got to pick not only the word on it but also the ring size, which is such a plus since we don’t all have the exact same fingers (doh!). The second piece is a stylish chevron necklace, featuring a birthstone detail. Mine is pearl, and I also got to choose the chain length and chain type. Having so many choices makes me wonder why all jewelry brands don’t make everything custom! In a world of mass market, it’s so nice to know you have something unique. 

Obviously, Onecklace jewelry make wonderful gifts! Girlfriends, moms, sisters, daughters, and BFFs would all love a custom piece of jewelry if I do say so myself. Head over to their website to take advantage of the Christmas sale and free shipping worldwide. You can also use the code kittenhood10 for an extra 10% off on your order, just because you’re such nice readers. 

Christmas market - Kittenhood Kittenhood ring - Kittenhood Personalized Onecklace - Kitenhood Nike Roshe sneakers - Kittenhood Onecklace personalized jewelry - Kittenhood

Burgundy Outfit - Kittenhood

How I wore a burgundy outfit

Burgundy Outfit - Kittenhood

Sheinside sweater and skirt + H&M tights + flea market shoes

I recently realized this sweater and skirt were meant for each other. They always kind of knew of the other one’s existence but had never met officially. In the narrow space of the closet, they were probably resting on different shelves at the same time. A door must have separated them on some occasions. Like two people going to the same school or taking the same train without ever saying ‘hello’. Now, here they finally are, together, in all their burgundy splendor. 

Burgundy Skirt - Kittenhood Skull Sweater - Kittenhood Outfit in Berlin - Kittenhood ICC Berlin - Kittenhood Concrete Circle - Kittenhood

Mustard tights - Kittenhood

How I wore a fox skirt & creepers

Black turtleneck - Kittenhood
Thirfted turtleneck & blazer + handmade skirt + H&M tights + Studio Ghibli pin + Urban Outfitters creepers 

The reason my teeth are coming out of my mouth laughing in the above picture? A cactus had just pinched my butt. That’s some pretty mischievous coming from such a pretty, blooming plant! But we all gotta do what we gotta do. In my case, that means accepting advances from a cactus in order to take some nice pictures. 

This is the main greenhouse at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. It’s warm and quiet, so you can walk through it for hours. Actually, the Botanical Garden is so big, we didn’t even get to see most of it, despite being there for most of the day. That leaves plenty of room for discovery, which I’m looking forward to doing in the following months. I imagine myself reading on a bench next to my cactus crush or, who knows, maybe even drawing some of the exotic leaves. 

Mustard tights - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Greenhouse Berlin - KIttenhood Botanical Garden Berlin - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Black creepers - Kittenhood