Burgundy Outfit - Kittenhood

How I wore a burgundy outfit

Burgundy Outfit - Kittenhood

Sheinside sweater and skirt + H&M tights + flea market shoes

I recently realized this sweater and skirt were meant for each other. They always kind of knew of the other one’s existence but had never met officially. In the narrow space of the closet, they were probably resting on different shelves at the same time. A door must have separated them on some occasions. Like two people going to the same school or taking the same train without ever saying ‘hello’. Now, here they finally are, together, in all their burgundy splendor. 

Burgundy Skirt - Kittenhood Skull Sweater - Kittenhood Outfit in Berlin - Kittenhood ICC Berlin - Kittenhood Concrete Circle - Kittenhood

Mustard tights - Kittenhood

How I wore a fox skirt & creepers

Black turtleneck - Kittenhood
Thirfted turtleneck & blazer + handmade skirt + H&M tights + Studio Ghibli pin + Urban Outfitters creepers 

The reason my teeth are coming out of my mouth laughing in the above picture? A cactus had just pinched my butt. That’s some pretty mischievous coming from such a pretty, blooming plant! But we all gotta do what we gotta do. In my case, that means accepting advances from a cactus in order to take some nice pictures. 

This is the main greenhouse at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. It’s warm and quiet, so you can walk through it for hours. Actually, the Botanical Garden is so big, we didn’t even get to see most of it, despite being there for most of the day. That leaves plenty of room for discovery, which I’m looking forward to doing in the following months. I imagine myself reading on a bench next to my cactus crush or, who knows, maybe even drawing some of the exotic leaves. 

Mustard tights - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Greenhouse Berlin - KIttenhood Botanical Garden Berlin - Kittenhood Botanical Garden in Berlin | Kittenhood Black creepers - Kittenhood

Leather jacket - Kittenhood

How I wore a biker jacket & turtleneck dress

Black & pink outfit - Kittenhood

Thrifted shirt, shoes, bag & pin + Red Luck Vintage dress + Pull and Bear jacket 

Beware! My first Berlin outfit post is here! Such posts have been a little scarce lately, but I won’t bore you with the excuses. I told you about my new biker jacket and I was excited to show it off. I think it makes a perfect pair with my turtleneck dress, not just in style but also in warmth. The combination reminds me of my high school days, but I made it slightly more feminine (and 2015ish) by layering a pink shirt in between. 

This lovely street is close to where I live now. It’s such a good area to bike through, with all the yellow leaves falling over you like rain, and all the picturesque sights they create. Bike paths are covered with leaves, parked cars are covered, too, and staying inside sounds like less and less of a good idea. I can’t wait to see more of the neighborhood and the city in the following months! 

Leather jacket - Kittenhood Shirt over dress - Kitenhood Swan pin - Kittenhood Biker jacket - Kitenhood Thirfted purse with mushrooms - Kitenhood

H&M Cat Shorts - Kittenhood

How I wore cat shorts

H&M Cat Shorts - Kittenhood
Second-hand shirt + H&M shorts + We Love Colors tights + Wagoneer boots

Greenhouses are a blogger’s best friend. This one is located in a small Romanian town and it looks spectacular even from the outside. There are two big domes, as well as some additional glass buildings, packed with cacti and tropical plants. After leaving our apartment last week, we spent our time all over the place, and one of the roads led us to this botanical garden (for the locals, this is in Jibou, Salaj). Exciting times coming up, since we’re driving to Berlin this weekend!

Background info aside, I’m still wearing what I now realize is my social media shirt. What can I do if it goes so perfectly with everything? That includes these cute cat print shorts I’ve recently received from a friend. Aren’t they adorable? It’s a little late in the year for bare legs, but they’re rather lovely with tights, I think. 

Shorts & boots - Kittenhood Cat Print Shorts - Kittenhood Blue Shirt - Kittenhood Botanical Garden - Kittenhood Blue Outfit - Kittenhood

Portrait in the forest - Kittenhood

How I wore blue & gray in the forest

Portrait in the forest - Kittenhood

Second-hand shirt + Style Stalker skirt + Hema socks + Bianco shoes 

Just when I thought autumn was here and I was starting to put my sandals and sundresses away, it’s summer again. Yesterday afternoon we went to a mobile market, bought some fruits and veggies and homemade goodies, and took them on a picnic on a hill. It was really lovely since no one else was out there on a weekday afternoon. Oh, the perks of being a freelancer! This forest was just nearby, and it looked ethereal in the softly filtered light. So that’s where we took pictures. And P.S: this is my favorite shirt now and I don’t even care that it seems like I haven’t worn anything else in ages. It’s a small size from the men’s section, and it’s perfection. 

Style Stalker skirt - Kittenhood Outfit in the forest - Kittenhood Rolled hairstyle - Kittenhood Socks & oxfords - Kittenhood Blue & grey outfit - Kittenhood


Cat print top | Kittenhood

How I wore mixed prints & layered necklaces

Cat print top | Kittenhood

Thrifted pajama top + handmade skirt + Happiness Boutique necklace (c/o) + COS shoes 

Every piece in this outfit has a story to it. None of the stories is related to ironing, as you can probably tell. The shirt is actually a pajama top I found in a second-hand shop. But with beautiful cat print and Japanese kanji, it was hard to resist. And while I haven’t worn it outside the house before, no one asked me if I’m wearing pajamas, so I’ll take that as a victory.

The skirt is made by my friend G., who also made me this skirt. She says it’s no big deal, but I really admire her determination and skill when it comes to sewing. I know my own sewing machine has been gathering dust for months!

As for the necklace, it’s actually a set of three delicate necklaces from Happiness Boutique. They sell all sorts of beautiful jewelry, but this necklace caught my eye and stole my heart. The three look great together, but can also be worn individually, which I simply adore. The hexagon one has already been included in a couple of (offline) outfits, and I imagine it will quickly become my favorite. 

Finally, the shoes are a lucky outlet find from last year. Because you can’t say no to COS shoes in your size when they appear out of the blue. 

Handmade floral skirt | Kittenhood Cat print & floral print | Kittenhood Floral skirt - Kittenhood Happiness Boutique necklace | Kittenhood 

Persunmall Dress - Kittenhood

How I wore a sparkly, sparkly dress

Summer portrait - KittenhoodPersunmall dress (c/o) 

This is one of the few outfits I put together only for the sake of the blog and that don’t actually get to be worn out on the street. A fabulous wedding, maybe, but not the street. This dress is not one that you can wear lightly. It transports you and it makes you want to twirl and dance. If you think about it, it’s just sequins. But combined with the maxi length and tulle, the dress screams mermaid-princess! With that in mind, I wanted to photograph it somewhere by the water, which is how I came across this lake. It’s normally used for fishing, so why not fish out an outfit post? I felt it didn’t need any more accessories, so I let it shine on its own. 

P.S. The dress is already out of stock, but you can find plenty of shiny, pretty dresses on Persun Mall

Valentino-style dress - Kittenhood  Sea stars dress - Kittenhood Sequin dress - KittenhoodMaxi dress - Kittenhood Persunmall Dress - Kittenhood


How I wore red & green at La Geode

Green Skirt - KittenhoodMerlot shirt + skirt bought in Japan + Hema socks + flea market shoes

I bought this shirt and skirt from the same random shop in Japan, and after trying them I knew I would wear them together. I love them both to pieces – the shirt has the cutest print and the skirt has the best cut – so I had to take them with me to Paris. We took these pictures at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, which was unfortunately closed for the time being. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see a movie inside La Géode, but the whole area and park were really cool anyway. I love the huge parks in Paris (I told you about my favorite here), that you can get lost in them and discover fun spots anytime, anywhere. 
Stairway pose - Kittenhood Le Zenith - Kittenhood La geode Paris - Kittenhood Japanese shirt - Kittenhood Merlot shirt - Kittenhood

Purple Pinafore - Kittenhood

How I wore a Biantika pinafore

Pinafore with Pockets - Kittenhood

Biantika dress + Babis Art sandals + museum gift shop pin

You know how when you’re in a long-term relationship you start cultivating the same interests as the person you’re with? Yeah, that, annoying. I like to think of myself as an independent woman with particular passions of my own, but I also find it impossible not to get into the same things as my guy is. So, while I’ve never been interested in architecture more than the next Pinterest-obsessed person, I find myself visiting houses by Le Corbusier twice in two weeks. I find myself buying a pin of his famous Modulor from the Maison La Roche, which is where these snaps were taken. It looks pretty generic from these pictures, but the interior is rather stunning. And here’s the other house we visited last week, a beauty in its own right. 

As for my outfit, it’s a classic case of dressing for comfort and against the heat. With over 30ºC on a daily basis, it’s hard to walk around in anything but a casual, wrinkle-free dress, and flats. And this is what I’ve been wearing, mes chères, and this is what I’ll keep wearing. No one knows me here, shhh! 

Biantika Pinafore - Kittenhood Le Corbusier Pin - Kittenhood Purple Pinafore - Kittenhood