Bunny wallpaper free download | Kittenhood

Easter bunny wallpaper free download

Bunny wallpaper free download | Kittenhood

This is my first Easter season living abroad and the marketing here is so much stronger than back home! So much stronger, than I must admit to buying a bunny-shaped watering can AND a chick-shaped toothpick holder/tiny vase in a single session. And while I’m experimenting with natural ways to dye eggs (coming soon!), I thought I’d give my tech a little seasonal refresh. If you plan on doing the same, you can find these adorable bunnies to download just below. Hope you like them! 

Bunny wallpaper free download | Kittenhood

Download desktop wallpaper here

Download iPhone wallpaper here

Miffy phone wallpaper | Kittenhood

Download Miffy phone wallpaper

  Miffy phone wallpaper | Kittenhood

Remember those Miffy-shaped cookies I posted at the beginning of the week? Boy, were they delicious. And so cute! I couldn’t help myself, and I made one of the pictures a wallpaper on my phone. I grin every time I look at it. I thought you might like to do the same, so here it is! You can download it here. Happy Easter! 

Miffy peanut butter cookies | KittenhoodDownload Miffy wallpaper | Kittenhood

2 Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Cards | Kittenhood

2 last minute DIY Valentine’s Day cards

2 Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Cards | Kittenhood

For some reason, V-Day cards are usually punny. It’s like someone decided you cannot declare your love unless it’s in a cheesy or funny manner. I’d rather do funny than cheesy, but these are a combination of both! These two last-minute Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for lazy DIY-ers: you just download the free printable, glue something to it, and attach your innermost thoughts and feelings before slipping it into an envelope addressed to your beloved. 

P.S. Here’s last year’s Valentine, and the one before that, both of them downloadable still. 


Download the free printable card here. Find a button of the right size and glue (or stitch) it on the card. Write cheesy things inside. 

You're Cute As A Button Valentine | Kittenhood


Download the free printable card here. Glue sequins or glitter to it in a random fashion (or heart shaped if you’d like). State your feelings inside. 

You Are My Sparkle Valentine | Kittenhood



Get well soon kit | Kittenhood


 Get well soon kit (with free printables) | Kittenhood

I was going through a medium-intensity cold when I thought of the necessity of a get well soon kit. When I’m sick (even if it’s just medium intensity), I don’t have the energy to treat myself. I avoid getting out of the house as much as possible. I get lazy. I need someone to buy me fruit and make me tea. So feel free to put together this kit for me when I’m sick. Or, you know, for someone else in your life who could use a health boost.

Get well soon kit (with free printables) | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • jar with lid
  • free printables
  • scissors + glue/double adhesive tape
  • instant noodles
  • soup spices
  • citrus
  • tea bags
  • honey
  • sweets
  • lip balm
  • magazine/DVD

Layered soup in a jar | Kittenhood

Get well soon kit

Download the free printable here. In a mason jar, layer instant noodles and spices. I used dried carrots and celery, salt, pepper and herbs. Screw the lid on tightly and stick the label to the jar (adjust the size of the label if necessary). Your friend just needs to add hot water to serve. Alternatively, you can fill up the jar with chicken soup.

Move on to the card part of the printable. Cut, fold and write sweet words on it. 

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, which boosts the immunity and does wonders with colds. Honey makes a great throat soother. Tea is very important in hydration (some good choices are peppermint and green tea), while lip balm moisturizes dry, chapped lips. 

Gather all your supplies in a pretty box, basket or tote bag. Top with a bow and cheer up your sick friend!

Get well soon kit | Kittenhood

How to make a bubble bath at home | Kittenhood

How to make a bubble bath at home

 How to make a bubble bath at home | Kittenhood

This year, I’ve decided to take this Cute Calendar very seriously (ok, maybe not very seriously) and celebrate as many cute holidays as I possibly can. For example, today is Bubble Bath Day, and I plan on spending part of it just as you would imagine: with a nice, homemade bubble bath. Making it is easier than one would imagine, and you probably have everything you need already at hand. So! Put this together and jump in the tub (wait, better yet don’t jump, just slowly get inside) with your favorite relaxing music!

Bubble Bath Ingredients | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • 1/2 cup liquid soap (e.g. Dr. Bronner’s)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 egg white
  • a few drops essential oil (optional, I used orange)

How to make a bubble bath:

Gather all the supplies and mix them in a clean container. Shake well before use and pour it into the stream of running water. Keep the remaining bubble bath in the fridge for later use.

Note: The egg white is crucial in making the bubbles last longer. The honey is moisturizing, while the essential oil gives the bath a nice scent (+aromatherapy, if you’re into that).

DIY bubble bath | Kittenhood

No time for DIY? Shop these!

Untitled-3 Untitled-2 Untitled-1

DIY clay animals gift tags | Kittenhood

[DIY] clay animals gift tags

DIY clay animals gift tags | Kittenhood

I got these cookie cutters a while ago, thinking I would make tons of cute animal-shaped biscuits and cookies. I never did, because from some reason they stick to the dough and make a big mess. But on clay? They work like a charm. The type of charm that you want to attach to your gifts for Christmas!


What you need:

DG011176 DG011178

Roll the clay about 3-4 mm thick and cut animal shapes using the cookie cutters. Pierce each one at the top with a toothpick and allow to dry on baking paper.

DSC_9528 DSC_9534

Smooth the edges of the clay animals with sandpaper. This will get messy, so do it over a newspaper. Next, paint part of the (or the entire) animal with glitter nail polish to make them more festive. Pass a string through each hole and use as gift tags.

 DIY clay animals gift tags | Kittenhood

DIY gold snowflake envelope liners | Kittenhood

[DIY] gold snowflake envelope liners

DIY gold snoflake envelope liners | Kittenhood

December 1st means we can officially start Christmas posts, without being annoying to the people who aren’t into this holiday. It’s time to start opening the advent calendars, making gift lists and considering festive stationery. For the latter, you could try these gold snowflake envelope liners, which will put a unique touch to your holiday cards.

DIY Gold Snowflake Envelope Liners | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • envelope
  • metallic paper
  • scissors
  • paper embosser
  • paper glue

How to Make Snowflake Envelope Liners | Kittenhood How to Make Snowflake Envelope Liners | Kittenhood How to Make Snowflake Envelope Liners | Kittenhood


Trace the envelope shape on the metallic paper and cut it. Put the paper inside the envelope and fold it where necessary, adjusting the size with scissors.

When the liner shape is just right, use the snowflake shape on your embosser to make snowflakes here and there. Place the liner back inside the envelope and glue it, without adding too much glue (it could show on the front of the envelope). That’s it!

DIY gold snoflake envelope liners | Kittenhood

Snowman card available on Etsy, Society6 ($5 off + free shipping today!) and Breslo (last day 20% off!).


[Download] Vegetables iPhone wallpaper

[Download] Vegetables iPhone wallpaper | Kittenhood

Hey you, don’t download that, download this! I made this tomato, onion and radish print last year, when I got all excited about the possibilities of Photoshop drawing. I’ve since toned down my enthusiasm, but I still like the way these veggies turned out. By the way, they’re also available on society6, as a print, t-shirt, phone case, pillow, clock etc. (free shipping today!) and on my Etsy.

Download iPhone4 wallpaper

Download iPhone5 wallpaper

Free download iphone wallpaper | Kittenhood


[DIY] mouse-shaped cat toy

DIY mouse-shaped cat toy | Kittenhood

I don’t know how your cat works, but mine is crazy about certain fabrics. If I wear a sweater, I get a cuddle. The same goes for a sweater pillow I made, blankets and bath robes. And of course, felt. A felt cat toy works not only because it seems to be an attractive fabric to cats, but also because their claws cling to felt, i.e. an even more fun game. Making it into a mouse if, of course, for your pleasure only. The cat couldn’t care less and you know it.

How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • felt or sweater scrap
  • scissors
  • thread and needle
  • wool for filling
  • wool string

How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood

How to:

Fold a piece of felt and loosely cut a mouse shape (that’s basically a teardrop shape, if you were wondering) through both sides. Make a few stitches for the eyes on each one, then turn on the wrong side of the fabric. Starting from the nose, stitch almost all around, with room to add the filling. Cut the mouse’s tail from a piece of string and tie it with a knot “inside” the mouse (as pictured above). Turn the felt on the right side of the fabric and fill the mouse with wool (cat nip can be added as well). Continue stitching, and finish at the nose with a loose knot that looks like whiskers. Throw on the carpet and watch the cat play instantly. 

How to make a  cat toy | Kittenhood