Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Cami’s wedding dress story

This blog section is dedicated to handmade wedding dresses. For many of us, it’s the one dress we have made to our exact measurements and our exact taste during a lifetime. And it’s supposed to last a lifetime – at least in our memory. So we got in touch with creative women who wore beautiful handmade dresses on their wedding day – a detail that’s virtually impossible to go unnoticed.

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Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Today’s guest is Cami, who’s wedding dress suited her to a T: fun, surprising, practical, and full of movement. As a bride, she managed to go effortlessly from the emotional moment of the ceremony (during which the dress looked graceful and romantic) to the lively dancing party (during which her outfit… took an interesting turn). But we’ll let her tell you more about that, not before I encourage you to check out her food blog.

Kittenhood: Did you always know what kind of wedding dress you wanted?

Cami: Not quite, but I had a long list of how it had to be: different, covering my wide shoulders, airy, reusable after the wedding, and, very important, surprising. Since the wedding itself was just a damn good excuse to have a great party, it had to allow me to dance for 10 hours straight. And go well with the outdoor, summery tent wedding I had in mind. Not too demanding, eh? For a while, I obsessed over tea-length dresses, boho style, and nude dresses. I even considered a wedding jumpsuit…

Cami's wedding dress story - KittenhoodCami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

K: How did you come up with the design for your dress? What inspired you?

C: I took a day off and went on a ‘try-on spree’ to all the wedding salons I could find. It was awful! None matched my list. After a whole month and learning Pinterest inside out, a good friend of mine stumbled upon a simple, yet creative dress. That was it!

Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

K: Who made the dress?

C: The dress was made by Iulia from Etiquette Boutique, and it was fairly easy to convey the idea to her. She got my style even before we were properly introduced. We started off with that very simple, unclear pic, and improvised. The embroidery was sewn by Iulia, a personal and sensitive touch she decided to give the dress. I had no clue about that until I first tried it on!

Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

K: Does the dress define your personal style or did you get out of your comfort zone for the occasion?

C: It was deffo very-Cami like. It was versatile, had a surprise element to it, pockets to hide some small items I needed throughout the day (I like to be prepared), and a nice view of my legs and the lovely shoes. Plus, the skirt came off, to the shock of a few elderly guests. After the wedding, Iulia turned the bottom into a long turquoise tulle skirt I wore for my birthday. The other part will soon be turned into an elegant white jumpsuit! 


“My dress was a 2-in-1 fashion item and I think that’s how all wedding dresses should be!”



K: What was the one thing you loved most about the dress?

C: The fact that it made peace between my idea of a princess-like bride and my funky way of dressing. And there was no bra!

Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

K: Was it a surprise for your husband? If so, what was his reaction?

C: Almost a decade together prepared him for this outfit. However, the details did surprise him a bit, and some things had to be explained. And he was a bit worried about undressing me for our first dance…

K: Were there any other handmade details in your wedding?

C: Well, most of them were…To name a few, we created our own stamp for the wedding stationery, our invitations with the sneaky Miyazaki character, the poetry filled cans that held the lavender. My paper flowers bouquet made of musical notes sheets. The shoes! The pinwheels, table tags, the pics wall, and the favors: little linen sachets 100% handmade by a diligent lady who sewed beautiful kites on each one of them. Plus some superb flower arrangements from a loony florist. All came together beautifully and it made me cry of joy!

Cami's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Cami and Mircea got married in the summer of 2015 at Lake Sisterea, Romania. Photos by Dacian Groza