Bianca's wedding dress story | Kittenhood

Bianca’s wedding dress story

This new section of Kittenhood is dedicated to handmade wedding dresses. For many of us, it’s the one dress we have made to our exact measurements and our exact taste during a lifetime. And it’s supposed to last a lifetime – at least in our memory. So we got in touch with creative women who wore beautiful handmade dresses on their wedding day – a detail that’s virtually impossible to go unnoticed. This is the first installment.

If your wedding dress was handmade, we’d love to share it here! Check our submissions page to find out more. 


Bianca has been a friend of mine for years and I was a guest at her wedding in the fall of 2014. Bianca makes beautiful bohemian bags under the name Bimagine, and together with her husband, she photographs for Tree Arcade. She looked ethereal at her wedding – the long, lace dress was romantic and light. Simple, without lacking on interesting details, such as the back. We talked a little about this beautiful garment – how it came to be, how she felt wearing it, whether she would change anything about it if given the chance. 

KittenhoodDid you always know what kind of wedding dress you wanted? 

Bianca: The kind, yes. I love long dresses, so I always knew I wanted a long, simple dress. And, of course, with a slight touch of vintage.


“Your wedding day should be about fun, enjoying things, natural reactions, and gestures, feeling and looking gorgeous without being another person. I wanted that kind of dress, to be able to do all these things in it”.



KHow did you come up with the design for your dress? What inspired you? 

B: Over the years I gathered some fabrics and kept them knowing I will use them for something special. The fabrics were unusual for a wedding dress, but then again I like to improvise. I didn’t have the dress of my dreams in mind. Your desires change over time, so I was driven by the inspiration of the moment. And it was just perfect.

Bianca's wedding dress story | Kittenhood

KWho made the dress? 

B: A friend. She was skeptical in the beginning, as was my mom. Usually, my mom makes my dresses. This time, we weren’t on the same page, our views didn’t connect. The funny thing was that, after she saw me wearing the dress, she was amazed. She said she didn’t think it would look like that. 

K: Does the dress define your personal style or did you get out of your comfort zone for the occasion? 

B: This dress represents many things I believe in: simplicity, style, uniqueness, comfort in your on skin and clothes. So I would say it 100% defines my personal style.

Bianca's wedding dress story | KittenhoodBianca's wedding dress story | Kittenhood

KWhat was the one thing you loved most about the dress?

B: I loved every single detail about this wedding dress and if I would do it again, I would do it just the same.

KWas it a surprise for your husband? If so, what was his reaction?

B: Not really. He was witnessing the creation process the entire time. And, of course, I asked for his opinion, just to make sure he would be happy to see me wearing it. He was. He always boosts my self-confidence saying he’s so happy to see me being creative and making beautiful things.

Bianca's wedding dress story | Kittenhood

K: Were there any other handmade details in your wedding?

B: Yes, there were. The wedding invitations that my husband and I made ourselves, the church decorations that a talented friend contributed, and I personally grew the herbs that we used for the table decorations.

K: Thank you, Bianca, for accepting to be the pioneer of this section and for sharing your beautiful dress with our readers!

Bianca's wedding dress story | Kittenhood Bianca's wedding dress story | Kittenhood

Bianca and Ionut got married in October 2014 in Bistrita, Romania. Photos by Silence of Photography