Being good pays off

St. Nicholas has his way with wrapping

Discovered this fab British brand: Darling

A healthy treat

Cats will be cats


  1. cat is dangerously close to cookies, shoosh, cat!

    1. oh, it was a different day 🙂 but she usually is, dangerously close to everything!

  2. am si eu cana pisicoasa :). asta ca si consolare ca eu nu am lizzie 🙁

    1. dar e cu capac? a mea e cu capac… si cine stie, poate vine si vremea unei lizuci in viata ta!

  3. dreptate ai, e fara capac :). si da…cred si eu ca la un moment dat ma voi intersecta cu un lizuc 🙂

  4. I love Darling and kitty paws next to kitty cups! Lovely blog btw x

  5. I adore your shoots. Specially the contrasting ones (in other post you were with a blue scarf all around your head, with your eyes and hair, was wonderful). But, I love the cat ones too! This ones has to be my favorite.
    Sorry, I didn’t comment before…