Oversized icecream | Kittenhood


Studio Ghibli museum | Kittenhood

You can’t be immune to kawaii in Tokyo. Even if you’re not normally into childishly cute stuff, you’ll probably grow into it. One of the first things we saw in the airport was some sort of Hello Kitty vending machine, and it was all uphill from there. Here’s a statue of an otter holding a fish. There was one of a flying squirrel, too. The Ghibli museum? A dream. And don’t get me started on the UFO catchers (it already cost me a lot of money). These snaps are from all over the place, including our day trip to Mt. Takao (see the tiny Mt. Fuji in the horizon?), and there’s more coming soon. 

Totoro purse | Kittenhood Tokyo view | Kittenhood Rilakkuma | Kittenhood Otter statue | Kittenhood Freshness Burger | Kittenhood Bicycles | Kittenhood Panda | Kittenhood Oversized icecream | Kittenhood Mt. Takao view | Kittenhood