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Behind the scenes in July

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July has been one heck of a month. I mean, I got married, so. But despite being all happy and relieved now, it’s been a loooong journey through the forests of paperwork. Thought getting married was easy? It’s not. I mean, maybe in Vegas it is, but in my part of the world, you must have all the proper papers and medical tests and turn them in on a certain day, i.e. 10 to 14 days before the wedding date. Weekends included. It cuts right through the romance, like a sharp kitchen knife. Anyway, below are the shoes I wore and the pretty apartment we stayed it for a couple of days. 

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Besides getting married, this was also my first time in Cluj after moving to Berlin. I’ve been away for 8 months, the longest ever. It was also the first time I’ve seen Lizzi the cat, after sending her to live with her grandparents 8 months ago. How do you think she reacted? Did she run to my arms in slow motion like I wanted her to? Did she purr on my face all through the night? Nope, she did none of those things. Instead, she openly showed affection for her new owners and indifference towards the people who raised her

Luckily, there were plenty of distractions in town, which I gladly mixed with wedding stress and cat-related sadness. The first Street Food Festival in Romania took place in Cluj, followed shortly by the popular Electric Castle music festival. Pictures right here. So here’s to a busy summer! 

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