Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Andreea’s wedding dress story

This section of Kittenhood is dedicated to handmade wedding dresses. For many of us, it’s the one dress we have made to our exact measurements and our exact taste during a lifetime. And it’s supposed to last a lifetime – at least in our memory. So we got in touch with creative women who wore beautiful handmade dresses on their wedding day – a detail that’s virtually impossible to go unnoticed. 

If your wedding dress was handmade, we’d love to share it here! Check our submissions page to find out more. 

Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Kittenhood: Did you always know what kind of wedding dress you wanted?

Andreea: I think every girl imagined what the perfect dress would look like at some point! I grew up doing the same, only in time, the dream Rapunzel dress turned into something more subtle.

K: How did you come up with the design for your dress? What inspired you?

A: Simplicity. That’s what I wanted and that’s exactly what the dress expressed, while at the same time keeping an elegant note. 

Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

KWho made the dress?

A: I drew the initial sketch of the dress, then my mom made my dream come true. My best friend and I helped with the details, and the sash was created by Lorelei. 

K: Does the dress define your personal style or did you get out of your comfort zone for the occasion?

A: I never liked standing out because of the way I dress. For my wedding day, I wanted to feel like myself buta also very comfortable, since it was such an emotional day. 

Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

KWhat was the one thing you loved most about the dress?

A: I loved everything about the dress! It has great emotional value because it was made by the people dearest to me. 

KWas it a surprise for your husband? If so, what was his reaction?

A: My husband is a videographer, so he’s seen many wedding dresses in his time. That’s why I wanted my dress to be special for him, too, and it was! 

Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

KWere there any other handmade details in your wedding?

A: Yes! My husband and I made the invitations. All the details of the reception were handled by our closest friends and family. The cake and sweets were made by my mother in law. I have to say I felt blessed to have my friends and family so close and so involved in making my wedding day perfect! 

Andreea's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Andreea and Tibi got married in Lipova, Romania in 2014. Photography by Sabina Margaian