Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Alina’s wedding dress story

This section of Kittenhood is dedicated to handmade wedding dresses. For many of us, it’s the one dress we have made to our exact measurements and our exact taste during a lifetime. And it’s supposed to last a lifetime – at least in our memory. So we got in touch with creative women who wore beautiful handmade dresses on their wedding day – a detail that’s virtually impossible to go unnoticed. 

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Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Alina is a particularly photogenic woman, so prepare yourself for a visual feast! For her wedding two years ago, she wore a dreamy gown with just enough delicate details to make it stand out. It was paired with simple, natural hair, a fantastic bouquet, and photographed in the midst of lots and lots of greenery. Have a look at her own photographs and let’s hear the story of her beautiful dress! 

Kittenhood: Did you always know what kind of wedding dress you wanted?

Alina: Yes, but that idea of how my future wedding dress should look like changed a few years before my wedding. During my high-school and college years, I loved Princess Grace Kelly’s wedding gown. I pictured myself in something with lace, long sleeves, and a high, rounded collar. I still love that dress, but the way mine would be changed as I was growing up.


“I always loved that idea of the wedding dress passed down for generations, from mother to daughter.”


K: How did you come up with the design for your dress? What inspired you?

A: I always loved that idea of the wedding dress passed down for generations. From mother to daughter. But my mom didn’t save her dress, so I wanted something inspired by it at least. She made her gown herself and it was the simplest and most delicate thing. Therefore, I wanted something like that for myself. Something made of tulle, with a silhouette that falls naturally. That is all I had in mind at first.

Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood 

K: Who made the dress?

A: The dress was made by one of the best designers in my hometown, Romana G. Urmanczy. She is a lovely person to work with and she really puts heart in everything she does.

K: Does the dress define your personal style or did you get out of your comfort zone for the occasion?

A: I always wanted my dress to define me and my personality. I believe that a lot of girls choose their dress based on something they see in a romantic movie or just because it’s by a popular brand. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But I wanted to feel confident and beautiful in my gown, and most importantly, to feel like myself.

Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

K: What was the one thing you loved most about the dress?

A: That delicate details on the top. The short, see-through sleeves with floral motifs and little rhinestones, inspired by a Reem Acra dress that I loved.

K: Was it a surprise for your husband? If so, what was his reaction?

A: He didn’t see my dress until I walked down the aisle with my father. That was another “traditional” moment that I loved and always wanted for my wedding day. He loved it and believed it was a dress that matched my personality.

Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

K: Were there any other handmade details in your wedding?

A: Yes. Two of my older sisters contributed to my wedding invitations. One of them hand-painted the image that I wanted, and the other incorporated the painting and made the design. They also hand wrote every table menu and handled other decorations.

Alina's wedding dress story - Kittenhood

Alina and Onisim got married in June 2015 in Oradea, Romania. Photography by Cami Farcas and Dacian Groza