A little pink never hurt no one

As I already told you, I was in Bucharest last week for Gala Avanpremiere, a fashion show that is apparently pretty important in the field. I did take quite a lot of pictures at the show, but I’ll post that at a later time. Right now, let’s focus on this outfit that I wore that day – which, by the way, was a pretty long day. Part of it was meeting with Laura of Tokyo and Seoul Dreams for the first time, who was kind enough to take some pictures of me. I also got the chance to meet a few other fashion bloggers from Bucharest, but there was, unfortunately, not enough time to chat as much as I would’ve wanted to (waving over to The Hearabouts, The Wonder Fashion and Read My Mind).

  • Dress and clutch – vintage
  • Belt – second hand
  • Shoes – BBup
  • Rings – handmade