365 Lucky Days

I’m sure many of you already know about this project: everyone on the internet loves it, and they’re entitled to, because it’s awesome. Back in September, the talented Lucky started a 365 days project. Her goal: making something every day, for one year – and that something would be a piece of embroidery that illustrates things she likes. For example, there’s been a Hoarding Intervention week, Domestic Bliss week, Blog Crush week, Take This Job and Shove it week, Bombshell week and so on.

The great thing about these embroideries is the details: not only does she use amazing vintage prints for the background, but she also adds gorgeous insertions of lace, beads and such. They’re like fabric collages, and beautiful ones for that matter. The portraits are especially wonderful, as I thought it impossible to show so much personality with just a needle and thread.

I really look up to Lucky, not only because of her creativity and talent, but also because she commits to her goal – the project has already reached day 89, and inspiration doesn’t seem to be lacking (au contraire)!

Please click on the images for a better view (my theme refuses to show them any bigger!) and/or visit the website to see the entire collection: 365 Lucky days. Oh, and they’re for sale, too!

  • nice work, indeed! and the project is such an inspiration ! 🙂

  • clara turbay

    Stunning blog keep doing it!

  • Pretty amazing! I love her work and the fact that she still has so much inspiration every day! Would love if the embroideries were a bit cheaper so I could afford them.

    • agreed! I’d love a couple of them on my wall 🙂

  • why thank you so much! all this encouragement really keeps the project going!