Rosemary's Baby Costume

3 last minute Halloween costume ideas

Rosemary's Baby Halloween

My guess is every girl likes to play dress up, so Halloween is a good excuse to do so. Whenever faced with the challenge of a costume party, I use clothes I already own. When else am I going to wear all those things from the back of the closet? At most, I’ll buy some props from a second-hand store – but for these 3 costumes, I just used my wardrobe. I think you can do the same! They’re all short hair-oriented, cause that’s what I’m working with now, but you can certainly work your way around that if needed. 

1. Retro flight attendant

Flight Attendant CostumeFlight attendant

This bright blue dress screams retro flight attendant to me! As long as it’s simple, other good color options include red and yellow. Or, if you happen to have a plain two-piece suit, this is the perfect time to use it! The hat I’m wearing is a flea market find, and I’m sure you can find something similar second hand. Also important: a delicate scarf tied around the neck and a (plane) pin. As for the makeup, go full on with a cat eye and pretty lipstick. See more pics for inspiration or play an episode of Pan Am as research. 

2. Newsboy

Newspaper Boy CostumeNewsboy

Yes to a comfortable and fun outfit in which you won’t freeze! The key pieces here are the newsboy cap (think Anne Hathaway circa The Devil Wears Prada) and, doh, the newspapers. Other than that, just pick boyish clothes, such as a button down shirt, slightly oversized blazer, and shorts with knee socks. You don’t need much makeup other than a little blush, so here’s one for the girls who never mastered contouring. Some inspiration pics

3. Rosemary

Rosemary's BabyRosemary's Baby Costume

If you have a pixie cut, you’re pretty much ready for Halloween this year! All you need is a nightgown – or a babydoll dress like I used – and a knife. Half a tube of mascara and one scared look behind you later, your costume is done. Check out more movie stills or watch the entire movie if you dare. 

  • S.

    The newsboy one is so, so cute. Lovely ideas, Daria. This post brightened my day 🙂


  • I love “Newsboy” 🙂

  • Cool photos! My favorite is ,, Rosemary ” : ) Perfect ♥

  • haha those look great! i particularly enjoy the paper boy idea.

    speaking of rosemary’s baby, have you seen hell baby? it’s utterly silly and in many ways pure cinephile blasphemy, but it has rob corddry and other familiar comedians (keegan from key and peele), so that makes it an insider guilty pleasure.

    ** having an anniversary giveaway on my blog, check it out! **

    • it does look hilarious from the trailer 🙂

  • Very cool&cute. Love Newsboy 🙂

  • hahah! this is so cute
    kw Ladies in Navy

  • Nici n-am cuvinte sa-ti zic ce mult de tot imi place postul asta..

  • Very fun. The flight attendant is super cute!

  • The paper boy looks the cutest! I love that one!

  • I love the newsboy – great costumes..

  • fany:) girl!

  • Marlene @ Jade and Fern

    I just love the photos for these! You really took “dress-up” all the way. 🙂 These are super ideas, so cute!

    • aw, thanks! I really did have a blast with these.

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  • All cute! I love the newsboy, it’s different (in a good way, most people are boring with their costumes). I also love the tiny plane, don’t know why, it’s so cute! I think I should send the first one to my friend who has a Pan Am messenger bag.