3 DIY jewelry ideas using pistachio shells & nail polish

Pistachio Shells Jewelry

There was a sale on pistachio at the supermarket last week, so I regularly had pistachio shells on my desk. They’re pretty shells, very smooth, and they have potential. But what to do with them? I tell you what: turn them into jewelry.

DIY Pistachio Shells Bib Necklace

DIY Bib Necklace

What you need:

  • scissors
  • a piece of felt
  • glue
  • chain
  • pistachio shells
  • nail polish

Paint Pistachio Shells

Pistachio Necklace

DIY Bib Necklace

Pistachio Shells Necklace

The steps are easy: decide on a design for you necklace, and then paint the shells accordingly, using your favorite nail polish colors. I went for nude pink combined with a gold accent for mine. When the shells are completely dry, start gluing them onto the felt, in the desired shape. When that is dry, pierce the felt in the upper corners, and pass a small hoop through each one. Cut the excess fabric and hang with a chain. In retrospect, I should’ve used nude felt so it doesn’t show as much in the final product.

DIY Pistachio Shell Pin

How To Make a Pistachio Pin

What you need:

Pistachio Shells

Paint Pistachio

Pistachio Pin

Pistachio Shell Pin

DIY pin

Paint the inside of a pistachio in a hot nail polish color. When it’s dry, put in a few drops of strong glue and fix the beads inside. They look like pearls in a shell or peas in a pod, and that is cute. Turn them over and glue the pin to both shells, and you’ve got yourself a new accessory. Alternatively, you can glue earring posts and make yourself a pair of pretty earrings.

DIY Pistachio Shell Necklace

DIY Necklace

What you need:

  • a sharp tool
  • a pistachio shell (partially open)
  • eye pin
  • bead
  • chain
  • nail polish

Pierce Pistachio Shell

Bead in Pistachio

Recycled Pistachio Shells

To make this delicate necklace, you need to take the pistachio out of its shell carefully, so that it’s not completely open. I happened to find this one as is, but that was plain luck. Pierce the upper side carefully, then paint the outside of the shell in nail polish. Pass the eye pin through the hole, add the bead of your choice, and make a loop at the other end. Simply connect the pendant with a chain and you’ve made a necklace.

Pistachio Necklace