My outfit: Arrow dress & Bidimensional Bag

Jump From Paper Bag

Dress – Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts | Bag – c/o Jump From Paper | Shoes – Bait Footwear

Bags that look like they’re drawn – isn’t that the best idea for a product? “We love to confuse people, but more so, we love to see them burst out into laughter once they realize these are real bags,” the designers behind Jump From Paper say about their concept. Their latest collection, I Give Myself Permission to Be Me, is fun and quirky, and I fully recommend it to anyone who doesn’t take fashion too seriously. The bag I received is part of this line, and it came with a sweet message: “I don’t know how and why I fell in love with you, but I just did. And fall in love I did. I feel like you can’t fully understand these bags until you’ve seen them live. In pictures, they look way too much like cartoons! They’re actually made of polyester, and they feature zippers that turn them from flat into structured. There are many pockets inside, which is something most of my bags lack. It’s really interesting!

Gray & Red Fall Look

Fall Rainy Day

Fall Leaves

Dear Creatures Bait Footwear

Dear Creatures Arrow Dress

Dear Creatures & Jump From Paper

20 thoughts on “My outfit: Arrow dress & Bidimensional Bag

  1. I’ve seen these floating around the web and I thought they were so cute and cartoon-ish. You’ve worn yours how it matches the shoes an the autumn leaves. I bet you’ve turned some heads, as it’s definitely something you need to take a second look at :P

  2. I loved the Jump From Paper bags from the first moment I laid eyes on them and realized they were real ^_^
    I don’t know why, but I get the feeling I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling if I were to ever wear one.

    You styled it perfectly!

  3. I discovered their bags a few months back and to be honest, they haven’t stopped boggling my mind! I don’t think I can ever see them like real 3D bags because they look exactly like what they’re called!