DIY: KSNY x Darcel Inspired Donut Bangle

DIY Donut Bracelet @Kittenhood

The KSNY x Darcel donut bangle is a cutie in its original version, but so easy to make, it would be a pity to pay the price! Or at least that’s where I’m standing. So if you want a cheap knockoff that’s full of personality, here’s what needs to be done:

Bangle & nail polish

What you need:

  • bangle
  • colored nail polish (pink + other colors)

Painting a Bangle

Nail Polish Painted Bangle

You can see in the picture comparison below that my bangle was smaller than the original one. Doesn’t matter, had fun! The KSNY x Darcel was actually made of transparent resin, so it’s even better if you can begin with such a base.

Just apply a coat of pink nail polish to mimic the donut glaze, and let dry. Apply a second coat of pink polish, and let dry again. Use different colors to make irregular lines that look like sprinkles. Correct anything you might need to with nail polish remover. Allow to dry completely before trying on!

Original & DIY Donut Bangle

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