DIY Butterfly Nut Ring & Pin


Hardware store time! I find lots of things in the hardware store attractive, but I haven’t purchased anything for my projects – up until this weekend. I thought butterfly nuts looked really cute, with their wings and all, and the idea of a ring quickly popped into my mind. Want to make your own? It’s super simple!

DIY Butterfly Nut Ring


What you need:

  • butterfly nut
  • strong glue
  • ring base
  • small bead (mine was from an old toy gun)


It couldn’t get easier than this: just glue the butterfly nut to the ring base, wait until it dries, and glue the bead! You got yourself a ring. I really like the neon bead against the shape of this nut – I wonder if they come in gold as well? If not, spray paint is probably an option.



DIY Butterfly Nut Pin


What you need:

  • butterfly nut
  • strong glue
  • brooch base
  • small bead


The pin is equally easy to make! Glue a brooch base on one side, dry out, then glue a bead on the other! Very industrial chic, don’t you think?