DIY polka dot wool sweater

DIY polka dot wool sweater | Kittenhood

I’m pretty excited about sweaters this season, and customizing them. I already made the J Crew inspired one, and I have a few other ideas for future projects. This one is pretty special, because it involves a new-to-me technique, that of needle felting. Don’t let the fancy name scare you, cause it’s fairly easy. I was inspired by the famous Honestly WTF elbow patch tutorial and decided to put my own spin on it. Needle felting is so much fun, that I feel I could so a bunch of other things with it!

What you need:

  • wool sweater (wool blend at the least)
  • wool (the piece pictured is 50g and I used less than half for the entire sweater)
  • felting needle
  • bangle
  • sponge (I know there are some special ones, I just used a kitchen sponge)
  • tailor chalk

The first thing I did was to decide the design of my new sweater. I traced some random circles with tailor chalk and using the inside of a bangle as a template. This way I could change my mind at any point. I also traced some half circles, as seen here, to create the illusion of a pattern.

Beginning with the first circle, I placed the sponge underneath and the bangle on top of the sweater. Holding the bangle still with my hand, I filled it with some wool. Next, I started piercing the wool into the sweater and the sponge. Take it slow at first and be very careful with your fingers! I took it one step further and put on a thimble, just in case.

I evened it out and removed the bangle. Some parts might be a little off, but they can be fixed with the same technique: piercing. I peel the sweater off the sponge carefully and the first dot was done! I did the same with every other circle – and although it takes some time, it’s quite relaxing. I even pierced in the rhythm of music :) Finally, I used the wool setting on the iron to even each dot – and done! You can guess that I haven’t washed the sweater yet, but I recommend doing so manually, with cold water, as with regular wool.

DIY polka dot wool sweater | Kittenhood

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