Outfit: Bird print & leather sleeves

Sweater – c/o Sheinside | Coat – Zara | Pants – H&M Kids | Booties – BBup

I have to admit this is not my typical outfit, and for many reasons. First of all, how often have you seen me wearing pants on the blog? The pants to skirts ratio on the blog is pretty much similar to the one in real life, so not that often. Secondly, I don’t usually wear so much black – at least not since high school – but I had my motifs to wear it today: getting as much wear as possible from this coat (how cool are those sleeves?) and emphasizing this baby blue sweater with swallow print. It’s got a great detachable collar, so I’m thinking I’m gonna wear it with and without, most probably layered over dresses this fall. How would you style it?

14 thoughts on “Outfit: Bird print & leather sleeves

  1. i think you look great and you should do it more often!
    i always loved this type of coat but i always thought you’ll forever be frozen in it, especially with the low cut at the chest.