My dearest creatures

Here’s another dress with twirlabilityNo Frills Fox) that I’m the proud owner of! I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but sometimes I’m so thankful for all my pretty dresses! I remember the times when I had none, because I didn’t like the fit that was trendy (you know, the low waist of the early ’00s) and had no idea about the whole vintage concept. Silly me, I thought I didn’t like dresses! Then came a time for babydolls – including my graduation dress – and them came the endless dress shopping that I still can’t shake off. There’s something about a pretty dress that always leave me wanting more. Here’s my board on the topic, if you’re interested.

Dress – Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts | Shoes – New Look | Pin – Maia Grozavescu (handmade) | Ring – Fragmented Splendour

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