Dar, dar, dar, darling me

From the series of misunderstood lyrics, I always thought Nirvana’s “dive, dive, dive with me” was “dar, dar, dar, darling me”. And it was convenient, too, because people used to call me Dar. So yeah, whenever I think of the clothing label Darling, this song comes to mind. I have two other dresses from them (here’s one), but this is by far the most flattering for my body type. I love the daisies on the chest and the otherwise simple cut. Right now, I’m trying to get as much wear of my summer dresses as I can, cause I know for a fact that I’m gonna miss them come winter. Same for sandals, although I’ve got the most amazing pair of shoes sitting in a box, waiting for tights weather…

Dress – Darling via Emerging Thoughts | Belt – second hand | Tote – gift | Sandals – BBup | Sunglasses – Bershka

8 thoughts on “Dar, dar, dar, darling me

  1. I can’t believe you have summer-dress-and-sandals weather there! Here it’s more like thick-tights-and-trenchcoat weather…On a related note, this color is so good on you – I envy you, because I certainly couldn’t pull it off.