Dream Grab Bag: Modcloth

You know those grab bags that some shops kindly offer? Those where you pay a certain amount and get a number of random items in your size, usually valued higher than what you pay for them? Such things are great for people who 1. love to take risks 2. love a good deal. However, while I do love a good deal, I’m not very keen on taking risks. Even as a child, if I won a small prize at the lottery I would not reinvest the money in a new ticket, but keep it for myself. Which brings me to this new section I want to instate: if you take the risk out of the grab bag, you get the Dream Grab Bag. It’s a grab bag that has your five favorite items from a shop – your very favorite – a wishlist, in short. I’m gonna go through my favorite online shops and create such a grab bag (probably) every week. And to start this off, the mother of all wishlists: Modcloth. It’s really hard picking here, because not only do they have a lot of items, but they also have a lot of cute items!

1. Meadow of Honor Skirt; 2. Weave Only Just Begun Heel; 3. Un-teal the Clouds Umbrella; 4. Runway to Reality Heel; 5. Eva Franco Dice as Nice Dress.

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