Tomboy file: Tessa Altman

Name: Tessa Altman

Who is: Teenage daughter of a single father who freaks out and moves the family from Manhattan to the suburbs. Trapped in a suburbia with funny habits, and constantly dreaming of going back to the city that defines who she is – that’s why they call it Suburgatory.

Style: comfortable, tomboy, with occasional feminine touches, 90s.

Signature pieces: the striped t-shirt, the parka, the military boots, the jeans.

How I see it: Polyvore sets below

Tessa Altman style

Tessa Altman style by kittenhood featuring an army jacket

Suburgatory style

Suburgatory style by kittenhood featuring heart jewelry

Tessa Altman, suburgatory

Tessa Altman, suburgatory by kittenhood featuring cotton t shirts

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