Pink and spam

Sometimes spam comments can be such a blast to read. WordPress selects them, but I usually read through them to see if any real comment got marked as spam by mistake. If you have a blog, I’m sure you get lots of those, too. First, there are those filled with dozens of useless links, and the ones that invite you to adult sites. Boy, do these love using keywords without any sentence or connection! They often come in unknown languages. But then, there are those who try, they do their best to look like actual comments. They paste the name of the blog or the blog post, and they refer to it as a “weblog” – who uses that in this day and age? They usually compliment you and your writing – “You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views”, “the layout of the site is awesome, this will attract many newbie…keep it up” or “what a materpeace u have going on here” – aww, thank you guys! Sometimes, they will tell you something is wrong with your blog , like that it’s loading slowly, or that the quality of my writing has decreased – these always get me down! Kidding, but I usually check just in case. I could go on, but I also have some pictures to share. So how about you, do you get any fun spam?

Blouse – Vila | Skirt – H&M | Necklace – handmade by The Peacock | Sandals – Vulturi

12 thoughts on “Pink and spam

  1. Yeah, gotta love spam comments. I also got a troll the other day, saying I was very ignorant for one of my opinions. My favourites though, are when they tell you that they can tell by the number of followers that your site isn’t very popular! :D

  2. Oh what a darling outfit you have here!! I get loads of spam, but only nice ones, the kinds that compliment my blog, how well my writing is, what useful information i have provided them, its great fun to read. I wanted to get them into a collection, but it’s never to late, they come in daily.

  3. Yeah, we got some of those comments, too, and at first we didn’t know what they were all about :P.
    I adore your skirt, pink stripes are cuuute! The blouse is very very pretty, too!


  4. oh, I’m not that that far to receive such messages, neither good or bad, i can count the good ones on the fingers of my hand, actually : )
    but boy, i love that necklace!