Spotted: full skirt, shirt + sweater

Say it with me: trend-spotted! I noticed that a lot of fashionable ladies have been wearing this combo lately: a sweater with a shirt underneath (or at least a collar), full skirt and heels. Do I love it? I love it. Do I wear it? I wear it. So there’s no reason why I shouldn’t share it with you.

The Sartorialist; Garance Doré

Vanessa Jackman; Lady Moriarty

Since I dig this trend so much, I thought I’d style some pretend outfits in this style, in a look-for-less sort of way.

Blouse – Oasap; Bag – Sophie Hulme; Earrings – Miss Babacilu; Skirt – Flaunt; Ring – Clay Pot; Sweater – Siren London; Shoes – Modcloth.

Sweater – Weekday; Shoes – Topshop; Collar necklace – Dorothy Perkins; Purse – Flaunt; Ring – Monchi Beaucoup; Dress – Asos.

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