Couch potato

Why would I name an outfit post “couch potato”? That’s easy: because of this brocade blazer that I thrifted a while ago (I mean, perfect fit, how could I leave it there?), and which I was wearing yesterday, when the pictures were taken. You know, the type that looks just like an old couch. As I took my jacket off for the pics, my boyfriend/photographer innocently asked: “Is this what you were wearing when we left home?” Talk about man repeller!

I wouldn’t normally post this last picture, but you guys always say that you want to see more of me smiling, so, there you have it.

  • thrifted shirt, blazer and belt
  • self-made skirt
  • BB-up booties


  1. I love this look, it’s so bright and sort of rock chick. You suit it :)



  2. men…. they are strangely wired, that’s all I’m gonna say :))

  3. Smile smile smile! it’s fits you so good!;)

  4. Actually, I think the jacket is kinda chic, in a rock-retro-something way and you definitely wear with style :)

  5. This is a gorgeous blazer!! I am so in love with brocade and I am thrifting for such a piece since..forever! Great boots too 😉

  6. I acutally love your skirt! Did you do a tutorial about it?
    Oh, men, they have no clue! I got myself this cute sweater here: and my boyfriend said “cute sweater, but what with the horrible shoulder ruffles?” 😀

    1. your sweater is soo sweet!love it!

    2. I love that sweater, is it from H&M? I wanted one for myself, but guess who hates large ruffled shoulders :)
      I didn’t make a tutorial with the skirt, cause I was going for something else when I made it sometime last summer. But I guarantee it’s pretty basic :)

      1. @julzcat: thank you so much, I love all things navy and this is one of ma fave items :)
        @kittenhood: Yup, it’s a H&M sweater, and I can’t believe you hate shoulder ruffles 😀 I thought this is one trend I have’t seen on the blog here, and now I know why!

        1. noooo, not me! the BF! I love’em, how could I not? :)

  7. Daria, you had me at the first photo!!:D

  8. you have a great smile!!! love the last picture and the outfit!


  9. I love this! You look lovely and the jacket is really cute :)

  10. I think it’s fabulous! Patsy and Edina would definitely approve. (Do you get Absolutely Fabulous in Romania?)

    1. not really, but I know of it :)

  11. ti-o-nghetat nasu 😛