Girls with bikes

There’s nothing more chic than a girl on a bike! And I mean going all the way: skirts, heels and soft, pretty bikes to match. No wonder some designers decided to put their print on bikes: Gucci, Chanel and Hermes, to name just a few. Since we, common girls, can’t afford to have our Chanel bikes deteriorated or stolen, we settle for cheaper, but nevertheless awesome ones (can I even use words like nevertheless and awesome in the same sentence?) Mine was thrifted from the local flea market for a tiny price and I’ve been proudly using it for almost two years now. It’s a pink KTM Happy TS, a model that I don’t know much of – like when it was produced.

Today’s selection of photos includes various ladies and bikes from the web, including fashion shoots, celebrities, drawings and a bride! I could honestly make this post incredibly lengthly, but I’ll leave you with just these, for now.

Click on the pics for the sources! And if you’d like your hunger for bikes to be fed on a daily basis, check out Cycle Chic for some street style, or see The Bicyclette for a very feminine take on the topic.

14 thoughts on “Girls with bikes

  1. I love bikes, girls on bikes and girls with bikes and a dog in the basket…so the firs thing that i will buy from my fisrt salary will be a cheap cool bike and will gonna make long walks in the park with it (And when i say we i mean me and Hera:)))

  2. Love the photo selection! I’d like to find a cheap retro bike, and paint it mint green. Or light pink :P. And I’d ride it every day…

  3. When I saw the title of this post I immediately thought about Copenhagen Cycle Chic – I love the website! And guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon: finally cleaning and polishing my bike :)

  4. Loving this post. Ilove how bikes are the trendy transportation. I kinda want to get one but its been so long since I’ve ridden a bike id probably fall off. ahhaha x