10 stylish DIY pumpkins to choose from this year

Remember when Halloween lanterns were just a carved orange pumpkin, with triangles as eyes, and a candle inside that made it smell rather tangy? The type of stuff a 10-year-old with a kitchen knife could do? Well, you can say goodbye to that. In today’s Pinterest-dominated society, that simply won’t do. You need trendy colors (Pantone! Scandinavian minimalism!), novel ideas, and nothing too messy. I just love that. Nothing too kitsch, nothing too cheesy. Beautiful decor that just happens to be using pumpkins. If you’re on the same page (and also if you’re not, but you’re still slightly open to being convinced otherwise), here are 10 stylish DIY pumpkins you could make right here, right now: 

Balloon pumpkins Donut pumpkins

1. Colorful pumpkins with no carve, no paint, and no mess? Paper & Stitch has just the tutorial, which uses balloons for color – 2. Leave it to Studio DIY to turn anything into donuts! Yes, that includes pumpkins 

Bloody pumpkins Constellation pumpkins

3. If creepy is your cardio, try this really easy, really spooky bloody pumpkin idea from Almost Makes Perfect – 4. Just the right amount of mystique with just the right amount of carving in these constellation pumpkins from Design Sponge

Cute faced pumpkins  Minimalist string pumpkins

5. For a cute yet minimalist decor, just eyes and eucalyptus! Home Oh My explains it in more detail – 6. Speaking of minimalism, you can always just wrap your pumpkins in a little orange string, as found on Drawn to DIY

Polka dot pumpkins Moon pumpkins

7. These pumpkins from Design Love Fest are so beautiful, you wouldn’t mind them as decor even after the season is over – 8. The Merrythought mixes lovely fresh flowers with black and celestial bodies, making for a very special pumpkin 

Snapchat filters pumpkins Marbled pumpkins

9. You better believe this is the year of Snapchat! Filter those pumpkins with rainbow puke and flowers crowns, as seen on Aww, Sam – 10. Sure, you’ve seen plenty of nail polish marbled stuff before, but how good are these pumpkins from Alice and Lois

P.S. Here’s our own idea for really easy Eames-inspired pumpkins