10 Halloween costumes you could dress up in – no sexy cats!

Halloween is such an awesome opportunity to dress up, get creative, and go plain nuts with the makeup! But it can also be a lot of pressure, with stuff like looking sexy no matter what, finding the perfect balance between obscure and mainstream, doing a good pun without having to explain it to everyone all night long. We’ve rounded up 10 costumes that are cool, funny, easy to recognize and – most importantly – non-sexy kitten. Oh, and you can totally make them in the few days left until Halloween. 

Frida Kahlo costume Popcorn costume

1. Frida Kahlo is a classic costume by now, and it’s no wonder: the artist has a distinct look that isn’t difficult to recreate. Instructions on The House That Lars Built – 2. Studio DIY will make a great costume out of anything! This popcorn one is off the hook, and it’s made with basically just paper

Grand Budapest Hotel costume Stranger Things Halloween costume

3. Together or separate, these Grand Budapest Hotel costumes from Brit + Co are a connaisseur hit – 4. All the girls are going as Eleven for Halloween this year, but it’s still a wonderful costume! Get the how-to on Shrimp Salad Circus

Cotton candy costume Bubblegum costume

5. It doesn’t get any sweeter, does it? Cotton candy is basically sugar, and this costume from Aww, Sam is basically that, too – 6. Another awesome pink option: this bubble gum costume from Studio DIY! You don’t need much more than pink balloons and a matching dress for it.

Snapchat filter costume Heathers Halloween costume

7. Whether you like Snapchat or not, you have to admit those filters are addictive! Bring them irl with these awesome costumes from Oh Happy Day – 8.  The baddest bitches of them all, The Heathers. Great group costume to try with items from your own wardrobe, via Camille Styles

Croissant baby costume Pantone costume

9. Never ever has there even been a better mom-baby costume than this French croissant from Oh Happy Day! This much is clear – 10. Easiest. Costume. Ever. Just as long as you have a monochrome outfit, you have a Pantone costume. Idea from Sugar & Cloth