10 DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree

I know many people are super excited about Christmas decorating and they’ve been doing it for weeks already. When I was a child, we only decorated on Christmas Eve, so I think there’s still plenty of time to make my own ornaments, decide on a tree, decorate AND gift wrap. I am very productive that way (not really). Anyway, here are 10 DIY ornaments you could try this year – or save for the next ten years, if you will: 

Dala Horse ornaments Moon phase ornaments

1. Take inspiration from the ever-stylish Swedish with Dala horse ornaments from Francois et Moi – 2. Air dry clay is put to good use in these moon phase decorations by Alice and Lois

Berry ornaments Joy to the world ornament

3. These berry ornaments from Jojostatic are really easy to make, but so pretty – 4. A lovely idea of making “Joy to the World” more literal, from One Minute Blog

Geometric ornaments Pressed flower ornament

5. These brass geometric ornaments from The Merrythought are minimalism at its best – 6. Use flowers pressed in glass frames to make these delicate ornaments from The Blondielocks

Santa embroidery Terracotta ornaments

7. To-die(-of-cuteness)-for embroidered Santas on tiny hoops, found on Mollie Makes – 8. Terracotta clay gets a cool makeover with these geometric ornaments from Make and Tell

Calligraphy ornaments Wooden ornaments

9. Simply cut out your favorite words on thick paper to get these pretty, seasonal ornaments from Sinnen Rausch – 10. Simple wooden balls look festive and special when geometrically painted in metallics, as seen on Lia Griffith