Blue dress - Kittenhood

How I wore blue & red à la Steve Zissou

Blue dress - Kittenhood

Sheinside dress + Urban Outfitters beanie + clothes swap shirt + H&M tights + flea market shoes 

This dress almost always inspires me to recreate the color palette in Steve Zissou’s crew (see also). There were no submarines available, so it only felt natural to take photos in this beautiful diner. I’m not really a fan of the food there, but the place looks absolutely amazing. The Berlin Pavillion was built in the late 50s as an exhibition space, and when the chain fast food restaurant took over about 10 years ago, they kept most of the building intact, adding retro diner-style furniture and decorations. Like probably any person who’s never been to the US, I have a secret fascination for old school diners on the side of the freeway, with all the waffles and mega fries and extra sauce. What’s that really like, dear American readers? Bust the myth in the comments, if you want! Meanwhile, I’ll hang on to this pretend version. 

P.S. If you have a sudden urge for a Wes Anderson movie night, check out some thematic printable popcorn bags here

Steve Zissou outfit - Kittenhood American diner - Kittenhood Diner window - Kittenhood Red blue outfit - Kittenhood

Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood

Fictional style files // Edith Crawley

Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood

When I started watching Downton Abbey some years back, the last person I thought I’d make a style file on was Edith Crawley. My choice at the time was Sybil, with her innovative wear of pants and her rebellious behavior. And then, of course, there was Mary, the character the show focuses most on; or Rose, the young and pretty girl who likes to act out and do her own thing. But what I didn’t realize until the show’s finale was just how much potential Edith had. Out of the sisters (and probably out of the whole household), she’s the unhappiest one throughout the 6 seasons. Every amorous relationship seems more damned than the previous one, but she fights through as a strong, independent woman. She doesn’t need a maid to help her dress, she doesn’t need a driver to go places, she doesn’t need a man to run her magazine or be a mom or move to London. Admittedly, most of her life interests are led by her current love interests, but she still manages to keep viewers on her side and vouch for her. As the show reaches the year 1925, she finally gets what she always wanted (I’m not giving any spoilers!), which is also reflected in the way she dresses. Edith is no longer the ugly duckling. She is a stylish magazine owner with a taste for beautiful headwear, sparkly golden dresses and bold red. Way to go, Edith. 

Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood Untitled-1 Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood Fictional style files // Edith Crawley - Kittenhood

Get the look: Edith Crawley 

Get the look: Edith Crawley | Kittenhood Get the look: Edith Crawley | Kittenhood Get the look: Edith Crawley | Kittenhood Get the look: Edith Crawley | Kittenhood Get the look: Edith Crawley | Kittenhood Get the look: Edith Crawley | Kittenhood

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February is for love | Kittenhood

February is for love

February is for love | Kittenhood

We’ve got January already bagged, it’s now time to nail February! And what other theme could we talk about if not lovingly ol’ love? If you must know, I probably never celebrated Valentine’s Day, simply because it’s not a tradition in my home country, and I was never fully convinced. But that doesn’t mean I don’t give into the pink and red cheesy stuff every once in a while! It’s actually a color combination I really like, as proven by the above 2013 throwback photo. Plus it’s a good time to get a little romantic – spring is on the way (or so I like to think), I feel like getting out of the house again, moving more, reopening the pastels chapter of my closet. If you’re having similar feelings, then hi, welcome, let’s make a cool, exclusive club. 

Click on the pictures to find out more & shop these cuties, or scroll down for direct links. 

&Other Stories Bra | February is for love | Kittenhood Golden Ponies Bag | February is for love | Kittenhood La Lisette card case | February is for love | Kittenhood The Angry Weather ring | February is for love | Kittenhood Love letters | February is for love | Kittenhood Headphone Splitter | February is for love | Kittenhood

&Other Stories lace soft bra, for a red-hot Valentine | Golden Ponies heart-shaped bag for you to collect and carry all the valentines you receive |  La Lisette card holder that makes a great gift for girls and guys alike (more colors are available) | The Angry Weather ring, in case you wanted a pretty promise ring on that finger| Modcloth Love Letters to write, stack, and probably never send | Heart headphone splitter that makes sharing headphones less of a nuisance and more of a lovebird kind of thing

P.S. Wildfox sweatshirt available here


Put some color on // Barbara Laage

Later edit: I found this picture tagged as Sylvia Plath and went with it, but someone very well noticed that it’s not really the writer. The woman pictured is actually Barbara Laage, French actress. I left the rest of the post unchanged to reflect how it was initially thought out. 

I wrote my dissertation thesis around one of Sylvia Plath’s poems (Denouement) and that’s when I started becoming interested in her. She’s one of those rare female authors you learn about when studying literature, and her suicide creates an aura of mystery and impossibility around her. It would be silly to call her a style icon (I get nostalgic about everything from those decades and automatically imagine flawless ladies all around), but I couldn’t help myself from restyling this photo in color. It seems like such an effortless, comfortable outfit for reading. And speaking of reading, I really loved The Bell Jar (especially since it’s been easier for me to relate to a novel than a poem ever since my post-teenage years), and I’d love to read her journals, which are supposedly very insightful. 

Get the look: &Other Stories pants + Uniqlo shirt + The Bell Jar book + The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath book 

Put some color on: Barbara Laage

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood

How I wore KAUN slippers

Outfit at home - Kittenhood

Handmade sweater + Light After Dark jeans + KAUN slippers (c/o)

Slippers are the probably most underrated footwear, and it makes little to no sense! We tend to invest in fancy stilettos that we maybe wear once a year, and completely neglect the only shoes we wear on a daily basis: slippers. I’m a big fan of slippers myself because I’ve spent years working from home exclusively, needing a pair of shoes that I can rely on. So you can imagine I was pretty psyched to try the newly released KAUN slippers, which are handmade in Estonia. 

The first thing that strikes is surely the design, with visible Nordic influence. The slippers came in a cool cardboard box that I consider a fun puzzle in itself. They’re minimalist, handmade from a single piece of felt, and inspired by the pavement in its different states. Not your regular source of inspiration, am I right? The model I have is called Cross, and it takes direct inspiration from pedestrian crossings. They fit generously (I got the XS size, which corresponds to an EU 37-38 while I’m more of an EU 36-37), they’re super easy to slip in and out of, and they’re a cool design piece when they lay on the floor by themselves.

I love that they’re made of natural felt! This material is one of the few that keeps warm in winter and still allows your feet to breathe in summer. I don’t know how that’s possible, just nature working its magic. One downside is that felt tends to gather dust (and the only pets I have in this apartment are dust bunnies, you guys!) – nothing you can’t easily clean with the sponge that came with the slippers. You can learn more about KAUN slippers on their official website, and you should know that their four models are currently available to buy on Amazon

KAUN slippers - Kittenhood Handmade felt slippers - Kittenhood Handmade slippers | Kittenhood Reading outfit - Kittenhood KAUN handmade slippers - Kittenhood



Weekend marvels 2/2016

Weekend marvels | Kittenhood

Watch: Mistress America, a funny and wonderful film that I can’t wait to watch again! Greta Gerwig seems to have it more “together” than usual but guess what… Oh, and it’s directed by the awesome Noah Baumbach. 

Listen: David Bowie on repeat

Wear: I would wear the heck out of these fringed heels from Free People! They’re the perfect spring and autumn shoe. They also come in whiskey brown, but I like this taupe/black combo better.

DIY: Download a couple of free printables and iron them on fabric for some fun Valentine’s Day napkins! Check out my full tutorial on DaWanda.


This cute, romantic and retro editorial from Teen Vogue, featuring Willow Hand. 

A really lovely beret with embroidered bunnies, foxes, and leaves, found on Beau Xoxo

Finally! Barbie is getting different body types and skin tones! The famous lady will now be available in tall, petite and curvy, and 7 skin tones. 

A beautiful editorial in Milk Magazine, inspired by one of my favorite stories, The Virgin Suicides. Whenever you put pretty blond girls together, this is what happens.

I love the tiny porcelain creatures made by Small Wild! They’re always sold out though, and it’s no wonder. 


Shop handmade // transitional weather skirts

A recent unusually sunny day made me remember why it’s worth going through winter every single year: for the spring. I had been freezing for so long, I didn’t even member how nice a dress or skirt could feel. I’ve been saving a lot of skirts to wishlists lately (my springy subconscious is to blame), so I decided to share them with you. They’re all handmade, and you’ll probably notice most of them feature the same silhouette. I can’t help it – pencil skirts just don’t suit my shape, and I’m always gravitating towards the circle and cloche styles. Surely you can see that in my outfits, that’s probably the one thing that hasn’t changed through the years.  Most of them are pretty simple – timeless basics that you can wear with an array of tops through different seasons. But since some pastel prints never hurt anyone, there are some skirts that look forward to warm weather, too. Click on the photos to get to the respective shops, and let me know in the comments if you have any favorites! 

Shop handmade skirts - Mokkafiveoclock | Kittenhood Shop handmade skirts - Sophster Toaster | Kittenhood Shop handmade skirts - Metamorfose | Kittenhood Shop handmade skirts - Alice Nightingale | Kittenhood Shop handmade skirts - Britta Manger | Kittenhood Shop handmade skirts - Son de Flor | Kittenhood

Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood

Valentino SS16 by Steve McCurry

Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood

Just recently released at the beginning of the year, these photos are already stirring up conversations and controversy. There’s a lot of contrast in the images, and you can choose to see that either as beautiful or as offensive. People are asking questions about ethics and principles, as you can see in the comments of Photographer Magazine. These photos were shot by Steve McCurry, renown National Geographic photographer, to showcase the Valentino spring collection. The location is Amboseli National Park in Kenya, a dusty landscape that makes the luxury clothing shine (both in a good and bad way). I had doubts if I should post these, but Valentino is my favorite fashion house and I’m curious how people see these images. What’s your take on this photo shoot? 

Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood Valentino SS16 | Kittenhood


Sunday Grammin’: Juniperfoxx

This blog may be called “kittenhood”, but I’ve never shied away from a little fox loving. So when I discovered @juniperfoxx a while back, I was really excited for all the cuteness that would follow. Juniper is a fox living with humans (and a dog) and the photos make it look like owning a fox is pure fun. But the human behind the account makes sure to warn people that’s not the case, and I love that. You can read some not-so-cute facts about domesticated foxes here – it’s never just fluffy fur and puppy eyes. It may seem like it’s just a happy combination between a cat and a dog, but it’s not. Still, I would like to get a chance to pet her, you know? So follow along if you want to see a fox in a sweater, flower crown, or just being her charming, furry self. 
Sunday Grammin: Juniper Foxx | Kittenhood

All photos from @juniperfoxx on Instagram. 

Orange cake | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes // winter in Berlin

Orange cake | Kittenhood

I guess it was a weird choice to move to a cold country in autumn. Sure, it’s a good a time as any if you don’t consider what comes after autumn. WINTER. Although I grew up in what’s officially the coldest town in Romania (eeeveryone heard about from and only from the weather report), I was never a cold weather person. Except for basic ice-skating once every two years, I don’t practice any winter sports. What I do practice is baking, mulled wine, snacking and bundling up. The very first day of the year (pictured right below, with the mega fog) was super cold and it got only colder since. Of course, I had to move from the holiday menu straight to a ginger and lemon tea menu, because I caught a cold in an instant. You’d think my body had seen below zero temperatures below, but no, this gal was totally surprised and collapsed for like a week. The first round of snow of the year, I couldn’t get out of the house to enjoy. And by enjoy I mean have a brief walk, take some pictures, then quickly get indoors and pump in warm beverages. For the second round, though, I was out and able-bodied, and was rewarded with cake (photographed above for posterity). I think it’s a pretty good deal. But, like every new dress or TV show, snow tends to become less exciting after a while. And I’m getting there. And I’m fully prepared for a new and warmer season (not wardrobe-wise, of course, you can never be ready!). So bring it on! Thanks in advance. 

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