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Behind the scenes on the road

Hammock | Kittenhood

Oops, I disappeared again. But it’s cool, it’s summer, and you’re probably not spending all your time in front of the screen, refreshing my blog. Now that we got that straight, some pictures to motivate my absence. At the beginning of last week, we left Berlin for a long road trip home. We drove through the Czech Republic and stopped in Vienna for the night (best schnitzel ever). The next day, we headed for Romania, stopping in the now-traditional Baile Herculane. It was absolutely packed with tourists, like it must have been in its heyday! From there on, we slowly drove by the Danube, with more pit stops than necessary, until we reached Bucharest, the capital. We were there for a couple of days, attending a wedding and meeting with lots of friends. Then we went to our hometown, and our trip is still not over – we still have Cluj on the list, before flying back to Berlin at the end of the week. So yeah, that’s quite a lot of beds we’ve slept in and vignettes we stuck to our car window. But it wouldn’t be summer otherwise. 

Apricots | Kittenhood Vienna University of Economics and Business | KittenhoodPlaja Cetate | KittenhoodPlaja Cetate | Kittenhood Plaja Cetate | KittenhoodPlaja Cetate | Kittenhood Orsova statue | Kittenhood

White shirt blue skirt | Kittenhood

How I wore a pineapple skirt

Pepa Loves Skirt | Kittenhood

Urban Outfitters shirt + Pepa Loves skirt (c/o) + souvenir pin + Birkenstock sliders 

On birthdays and anniversaries, I always like to spend the whole day outside doing as many different things as possible. And since I like that so much, I often put a lot of pressure on the day, trying to make it perfect. But every once in a while comes a day that isn’t a birthday or an anniversary or anything really – it’s just a regular day. And it accidentally becomes perfect. Yesterday was something like that – it started with some light work in the morning, continued with a brief museum visit, a picnic in the park and some reading in the hammock, then finished with watching Star Wars at an open air cinema, and biking back home at midnight. At some point during the day, we discovered with beautiful garden and stopped for pictures there. 

Coincidentally or not, this has also been the only hot day here in what seems like forever. A pretty good occasion to wear this lovely pineapple print skirt the way it’s supposed to be worn: with sandals. Everything about it screams summer: the print, the fabric, the color. There are even pockets where you can stash your snacks or whatever. It’s knee-length, so it’s easy to bike in, easy to picnic in, easy to do whatever you want in. Oh, and it’s on sale at 50% off, so.  

White button down shirt | Kittenhood White & blue outfit | Kittenhood Outfit in a garden | Kittenhood Rose garden | Kittenhood White shirt blue skirt | Kittenhood Tiergarten Berlin | Kittenhood

August is for weddings

August is for weddings | Kittenhood

Photo: Tree Arcade (from our wedding party) 

I know it’s wedding season when half of the photos I see on Facebook are of brides, and when I have at least one such event to attend myself. I’m going back to Romania for a wedding next week – a very good friend of mine is getting married – so it’s pretty exciting! Since I’ve been thinking a lot about weddings this year, I’ve rounded up some festive things to wear (mostly as a guest, but who knows?), gift or use for decoration. I would have worn the headband if I hadn’t discovered it too late, and the pretty mint dress was my second choice for the wedding I’m attending. Everything else? See for yourself: click each picture to shop. 

Asos dress  Anthropologie headbandBridal planner  Urban Outfitters lightboxFloral clutch Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Asos dress | Anthropologie headband | Modcloth bridal planner | Urban Outfitters lightbox | Modcloth floral clutch | Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Boats in Provence | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes in Provence

Boats in Provence | Kittenhood

I know, I know, I haven’t been posting much on this here blog lately. But I promise that good things are coming on Kittenhood soon – more about that on another occasion (I do love an announcement with a bang). Meanwhile, I present you with some pictures from the stunning south of France. We were there for a few days and it was beautiful, hot, and delicious. Some of the cities we’ve seen or passed through include Nice, Marseille (such a treasure!), Cassis, and Aix-en-Provence. Nature is at its best there, and even if it weren’t, man-made things would attract the crowds (here’s looking at you, L’Unite d’Habitation!) The nautical vibes are off the hook, so we took every chance we could to be in the water. Oh, summer, please end never!

Nice view | KittenhoodBoats in Provence | Kittenhood Boats | KittenhoodL'Unite d'Habitation Marseille | KittenhoodL'Unite d'Habitation Marseille | Kittenhood Le Corbusier building | KittenhoodMa reine | KittenhoodCassis view | Kittenhood Cassis view | KittenhoodCassis view | Kittenhood

Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood

Miss Patina, AW16

Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood

Just because I’m posting an autumn collection, doesn’t mean autumn is coming! No, it just means I ran out of summer collections and that, somewhere, people are thinking of layering and the like. I’m not. I want summer to last forever, or at least for another couple of months. But let’s see what this collection is about, shall we?

Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood

Miss Patina is one of the sweetest vintage-inspired brands out there. I’ve loved their stuff for years, and I find it reassuring that they’ve kept their style recognizable and constant. From the moment you see that first cat collar, you cave. You just can’t go on without it. And then, they follow-up with even more embroidered pockets and more cat details, as if anyone could ever wear anything else! I love the combination of baby blue with brown, as well as the easy-peasy-preppy combination between a long sleeve shirt and an A-line skirt (kind of like here). If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably start getting excited about autumn.

Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood Miss Patina AW16 | KittenhoodMiss Patina AW16 | KittenhoodMiss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood Miss Patina AW16 | KittenhoodMiss Patina AW16 | KittenhoodMiss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood Miss Patina AW16 | Kittenhood


Sassnitz port | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes on the German coast

Sassnitz port | Kittenhood

This weekend, we took the excuse of a “honeymoon” to finally go on a road trip to the Baltic sea. It’s not far from Berlin, about 2-3 hours, depending on the traffic (and driving skills level). Our initial destination was Jasmund National Park,  where we saw a beautiful melange of forest, sea, and chalk cliffs, and where we camped for the night. This was our first real camping trip together (festivals don’t count) and our first grasp of the German way to camp. Needless to say, I really want a WV camper now, plus all the camping amenities that were ever designed and sold. 

Jasmund Nationalpark | KittenhoodSassnitz port | Kittenhood Sassnitz port | KittenhoodCamper in the woods | Kittenhood 

The next day, we headed for the beach, which was absolutely gorgeous, and different from any other seas I’ve seen. On our way back, we stopped for lunch in Stralsund, a UNESCO World Heritage city with lots of cathedrals, boats, and colorful buildings. 

The trip had a little of everything: rain and sun, bathing in the sea and walking in the forest, flat tire panic and flat tire repair, wedding ring loss and finding etc. I’d go as far as saying we’ll be keeping these memories in storage to use as needed when embellishing stories in the future. 

WV Camper in Stralsund | KittenhoodOld car in Stralsund | Kittenhood Stralsund, Germany | Kittenhood Stralsund door | Kittenhood 

Camino Home | Kittenhood

Behind the scenes in July

Yellow outfit | Kittenhood

July has been one heck of a month. I mean, I got married, so. But despite being all happy and relieved now, it’s been a loooong journey through the forests of paperwork. Thought getting married was easy? It’s not. I mean, maybe in Vegas it is, but in my part of the world, you must have all the proper papers and medical tests and turn them in on a certain day, i.e. 10 to 14 days before the wedding date. Weekends included. It cuts right through the romance, like a sharp kitchen knife. Anyway, below are the shoes I wore and the pretty apartment we stayed it for a couple of days. 

Camino Home | Kittenhood Lazzari shoes | Kittenhood

Besides getting married, this was also my first time in Cluj after moving to Berlin. I’ve been away for 8 months, the longest ever. It was also the first time I’ve seen Lizzi the cat, after sending her to live with her grandparents 8 months ago. How do you think she reacted? Did she run to my arms in slow motion like I wanted her to? Did she purr on my face all through the night? Nope, she did none of those things. Instead, she openly showed affection for her new owners and indifference towards the people who raised her

Luckily, there were plenty of distractions in town, which I gladly mixed with wedding stress and cat-related sadness. The first Street Food Festival in Romania took place in Cluj, followed shortly by the popular Electric Castle music festival. Pictures right here. So here’s to a busy summer! 

2016-07-04-19.28 2016-07-10-15.22 2016-07-11-17.47 God is an Astronaut | Kittenhood2016-07-13-10.02Flowers | Kittenhood White peonies | Kittenhood



Nice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | Kittenhood

Nice Things Paloma S, the eco edit

Nice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | Kittenhood

Give a girl leaves, and she’ll dress herself for a lifetime. Well, that’s not really how the saying goes, but it could work..? Nice Things Paloma S created this summer-perfect editorial, in which the clothes are complemented by big, bold, beautiful leaves. Monstera still rules. The clothes themselves are made from eco-friendly materials, which also happen to be perfect in the heat: linen, tencel, organic cotton. Honestly, there comes a point in July when wearing a leaf wrapped around your chest starts to sound like a pretty good idea, so… 

Nice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | KittenhoodNice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | KittenhoodNice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | Kittenhood Nice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | KittenhoodNice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | KittenhoodNice Things Paloma S, the Eco Edit | Kittenhood



Floral crown | Kittenhood

What I wore to a pretty important party

Natural flowers crown | Kittenhood

Dear Creatures dress + Tallulah Fontaine Pin + Jelly Sandals 

I’ve been quieter than ever on the blog, but believe me, I had a pretty important reason. I got married! We had a small civil ceremony in Cluj, followed by a casual party in a garden. The whole thing was planned just one week in advance, but it turned out really lovely. This is what I wore to the party – a Dear Creatures dress I’ve had for years and my comfortable jelly sandals. With rocks on the ground, hammocks to hang out in, and a few levels of the garden connected with steps, this outfit has been a good choice. I wanted to wait to get more pictures before I share, but I couldn’t, so here are some portraits that my friends over at Tree Arcade took. 

Dear Creatures Dress & Crown | Kittenhood Floral crown | Kittenhood Dear Creatures dress | Kittenhood

Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood

Camping with Poler Stuff

Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood

I irremediably fell in love with Poler Stuff as soon as I saw their “two man tent” in floral print. What a beauty! I followed up by browsing their entire website, pinning every object there, and dreaming of the most Instagram-worthy camping trip ever. Now I admit, it’s been a while since I last slept in a tent, but Poler really makes me wanna start doing that again. For crying out loud, they have sleeping bags that you can actually walk in and take your arms out! Backpacks that you can fold into a fanny back! A cooler that doubles as a camera bag! Hammocks! Basically all the cool stuff, in really cool prints.

Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood Camping with Poler Stuff | Kittenhood